If I have to say, they are bunch of crooks who suck the blood out of the musical fraternity..... - Yogeshwar Amatya

Yogeshwar Amatya
One of the coolest and down to earth singer, who talks straight from his heart, that we have in our Nepali musical scenario. “Yogeshwer Amatya”, who loves newari and continental food and enjoy his spare time drinking nice whisky and jamming in bar with his friends. Beside his album karai Karle, Ahile Chahin Dyabya ko Aashama, his hit song like jabha sandhya huncha is still in everybody’s lips, though he calls himself one of the most laziest person ,but thank you Yogi Dai sparing sometime for me. Let’s hear from the man himself what he has to say in the conversation with keran limbu, exclusively for bagaicha.com

Keran-Hello Dai, could you please tell us your musical back ground?

I never had any formal training regarding music…I guess I have to say that ,I don’t have any musical back ground, except late night jamming with tons of beer with my buddies.


Keran-You are highly educated person. Diploma in Geology, Diamond Grading, what made you choose music?

Beside education, for me music is a therapy and a stress buster. I didn’t choose music. I guess music chooses me; then again, we newars are a musical bunch, as you know!


Keran-Do you compose or write your own songs?

Yeah I do…especially I write a lot of poetry when I am feeling down.


Keran-What image do you think your music conveys?

No idea! I haven’t really put that much effort to find it out. But it gives me satisfaction, happiness and i honored, when they really enjoy my music.


Keran-Who are your musical influences?

My musical influence are quite a lot..among few of them, they are Bacchu Kailash, Hiranya Bhojpori (lekali Samuha ), Deep shrestha, Deepak Kharel, Om Bikram Bista, Arun Thapa , Bhakta Raj Acharya, and Gopal Yongen for his heart touching poetry and music. As for international artist I like Beatles, Simon & Garfunkle, Bob Dylan, Eagles, Elvis, John Couger, Mellencamp, Bad company etc etc….


Keran-We don’t hear much about you these days, what are your immediate music career goals?

I am very lazy and laid back person by nature. I sing almost every other day at bars with my mates and enjoy the fine single malt whiskey, I don’t like recording, because I feel I can only give one third of my feeling out there.


Keran-How do you rate your live performance ability?

I have never shelf analysis my performance. I go out there give my best and have lots of fun.


Keran-How did you come up with your super hit song, “Jabha Sandhya huncha”?

Actually I started writing poetry from the age of 6 or 7, I was 13 then…feeling home sick because I was in boarding school in Darjeeling….There used to be a pretty girl  studying in Loreto named  Sandhya…so I wrote it for her.


Keran-What do you have to say about the music company of Nepal, are you satisfied with it?

If I have to say, they are bunch of crooks who suck the blood out of the musical fraternity...may be Dracula would be an appropriate terms for them, for them music is just a plain everyday business.


Keran-Do you think working only in music scenario; an artist can survive in Nepal?

No, certainly not… In Nepal the only people who are surviving and surviving well are politicians… all crooks again!!!!


Keran-If you are in a long drive which song of yours and who do you want to be beside you?

Long drive …?? Preferably me, alone,! If I have to choose someone that will be my wife Mangala, because she knows me more then I know my shelf. As for my song, I have to say “ Laijaa Charee”.


Keran-You been to Hong Kong three times, what did you like and dislike about this city?

I adore Hk. I think it’s the best city, because people here are so accessible, and they really love music and aren’t afraid to show that they do. They are the nicest fans and show there kindness extravagantly.


Keran-Lastly message to our viewers of bagaicha.com and your fans out there?

                     Jai (Jaya) Desh!!!



Interviewed by keran limbu exclusively for bagaicha.com

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Raju Lama has always been my favourite.. thanks for this interview
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i was so glad to Bagaicha models and music, because i m interesting this site,
vishu will u be my valentine?????
Ankita Mangla
Its been alwz fun to have sushant around. Congrats dear....proud of u... n all the best. M sure u gonna rock. Cheers... !!!