To be a successful comedian, one should have a good sense of humor and should keep up-to-date with all current aspects in society.... - Wilson Bikram Rai

Wilson Bikram Rai
He says that his beloved father was in search of a unique name so he came up with this name Wilson, the meaning for his father being “well son”. He is already the talk of the town since his video was channeled on YouTube, entitled 'The Wilson Bikram Show', and which has already managed to amuse many people that have seen his clips online. On the video he tells us how his Grandfather was awarded the Victoria Cross. Wilson Bikram Rai has also featured in several Nepali movies including Kasle Choryo Mero Mann and Sayaad. Currently busy working in Facebook, directed by “Suroj Subba Nalbo”. He is also into directing cerography – the art of engraving on wax .And so, featuring the multitalented artist Wilson Bikran Rai in interview for the first time here on with Keran Limbu.

Keran-Hi Wilson Bikram Rai, how did you come up with your name Wilson?

My father was in search of a new and special name, so he came up with the name Wilson for me, and the meaning of Wilson is Well-Son for my beloved dad


Keran-Could you let us know about your back ground?

I am originally from Birtamod, Jhapa. My grandparents were from Okhaldhunga, but I was born in Birtamod. I have my father and my sister in my home. They live in Birtamod as well. My mother passed away when I was 9 years old, and I always miss her during my happy and sad times and especially at all the family and cultural festivals.


Keran-Did you know from your childhood that you would make a career in cinema?

I was addicted to movies since my childhood, and I'd give that addiction a name, 'Filmania'. I was always interested in repeating and reciting the dialogues and used to do caricatures of famous actors from my early school days. So, indirectly, I was always sure that I would one day be in the cinema business.


Keran-Who inspired you and how did you get to join the cinema business?

When I was small, there was a film shoot going on in my hometown, Birtamod, and they were searching for a child artist just for one scene, and my father was the one who told me about that and encouraged me to go for the role. So, for me, my father was the inspiration that got me started in cinema.


Keran-You have been featured in several Nepali movies; your next release is Shayaad. Could you tell us about your character in that movie?

The movie is basically based on the current context of our society, especially about the youngsters and they being introduced to and later becoming addicted to drugs. The movie also tells about the generation gap between two brothers. My character in the movie is a college student, who has an intimate group of friends, and all the friends are firmly into drugs. I too am addicted to drugs in the movie but also have a humorous personality.


Keran-What does it take to become a good comedian?

To be a successful comedian, one should have a good sense of humor and should keep up-to-date with all current aspects in society. Originality is a must if one is to be a good comedian and a comedian should always be able to satisfy the audience without all those lame jokes.


Keran-Which is easier making people laugh or cry?

To me it’s obvious that, comparatively, it is harder to make people laugh than cry. A small wound can bring a tear to anyone's eyes but a different charm is required to make people laugh.


Keran-What are you passionate about besides acting?

I would consider directing to be my passion after acting. Besides acting, I have directed several short movies, commercial movies, ad movie and music videos. I am also ok at dancing and singing and I do choreography as well.


Keran-What kind of person is Wilson Bikram Rai in real life?

Wilson Bikram Rai a simple, humble and down to earth sort of guy who cannot bear to see others in pain and with problems. I always want to put on a show and make all my friends happy and keep them entertained.


Keran-A special date with whom and where?

That's going to be a tough one because I would love to go on a date with Megan Fox or Jessica Alba. I would love to take them to Kanyam, Illam and the Himalayas of our splendid country.


Keran-Recently you were featured on YouTube in a comedy clip about how your

Grandfather got Victoria Cross medal. Is it a true story or did you make it up?

It is completely fictional and originally scripted by me.


Keran-What are you doing these days and what’s new coming up?

Currently, I’m working on a new project named 'Facebook' and I feel honored to work again with Mr.Suraj Subba Nalbo who also directed my previous movie 'Saayad- It May Be Your Story' and I’m also busy with all my stage shows and programs.


Keran-Any last few words for our viewers at or your fans out there?

I would like to thank all my fans and supporters from the core of my heart. I’m overwhelmed that everyone loved my comedy and my videos, and through this website I also announce that my new videos are coming soon just for all those lovely people who made my show 'The Wilson Bikram Show' a huge success. I owe you all so much. I hope I will keep getting all this love and affection from you all. Thank you for everything.


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