let us all stay happily and peacefully. Let Our Country Nepal be a peaceful country. So peace no war..... - Vishu Tuladhar

Vishu Tuladhar
A young teenage student of degree in information technology, developing software, composing music, arranging scores and singing. He even don’t remember when he enter in this music profession, but at the tender age of five he hit his first note of piano, released his debut album “Aaiina” after he just turned eighteen and recently released his music video "peace" produced by Sushant Singh Thakuri and directed by Pradeep kaspal .His love for music has taken him to many places and has exposed him to new possibilities. Shares few of his own words with keran limbu from Bangkok exclusively for bagaicha.com

Keran-Since when and what got you into music?

Actually I even don’t remember when did I got in the world of Music, but at the tender age of five, my granny bought me a grand piano so I started playing with it. My grand father was a bhajan singer and he inspired me a lot...later I started writing lyrics and composed my first song at the age of thirteen... the song was we want peace and recorded in a studio.


Keran-Do you compose and arrange your own music?

Well my songs were arrange and composed by Mr. Rabin Darshandhari when I was a kid, now I compose my own song and decided to arrange too. I have composed and arranged few songs for other artists as well.


Keran-What is most important to compose a good music?

I guess good lyrics gives u the inspiration to compose...and the importance is dedication and feelings towards the song.


Keran-Is it true that you had a brief stint study in jazz music and piano in China, how was your experience?

Yeah I was in China for studying jazz music and piano for a month. It was really interesting to be in China. During my initial stage it was really hard, but slowly I started to get used to it, with the language and other changes. People there were very helpful. After some time I started giving music to Chinese songs too.


Keran-Where do you see jazz music in Nepal?

 Music wise Nepal is very diverse country. We have separate music for every occasion every religion and every function. Talking particularly about jazz...I would say that jazz is not every ones cup of tea.... but still there is some possibility and safe future ahead.


Keran-Are you satisfied with what you have achieved at your age?

Yes I am satisfied with whatever I have achieved at this point of my age, but this does not mean that I'm fully satisfied with it. I want my level of achievement to grow higher along with my age..ha..ha.. And as an artist I never get satisfy this easily. I believe we always have chances of doing better.


Keran-Beside music what are you passionate about?

Mmmm.. I would say developing software as I'm a software engineering student, and beside that i love photography and traveling different countries.


Keran-You must be very busy traveling a lot so what you miss the most being a teenager?

At this age of mine others spend most of their time with their friends and I am busy traveling so I miss my friends and being with them the most.


Keran-Recently your music video "peace" has been released so how was the response?

      Response was more then I expected, I was quite confident with the song.

      But i didn’t know it will hit the top charts. Very special thanks to bro Sushant

      Singh  Thakuri (producer), bro Pradeep Kaspal (video director) and everyone

      who helped me to make this video successful.


Keran-What was the concept behind this music video "peace"?

Well basically I wanted to convey Nepali public a message that we want peace so stop fighting and killing each other, let us all stay happily and peacefully. Let Our Country Nepal be a peaceful country. So peace no war...


Keran-What are you doing currently and any new upcoming soon?

Well right now I am traveling a lot for business and pleasure...but once I get back to Nepal may be in few weeks of time I will look forward to finish some of my pending music projects that includes arrangement and compositions of various artists.


Keran- Lastly, few words for our viewers of bagaicha.com and youth out there?

First of all I would like to thank bagiacha.com and keran for giving me an

Opportunity to share few of my experience here and lastly I would say music making is really difficult job. We spend lot of time into it.  Don't make it useless by supporting piracy. Buy the original CD and support Nepali music...peace.



     Interviewed by Keran Limbu for www.bagaicha.com


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 priyanka from Nepal says on 13 February 2011
vishu will u be my valentine?????

 seema from Nepal says on 23 October 2010
muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sexy v-shu

 Drishti from Thailand says on 03 September 2010
All of yur songs are awesome.. Great goin!! Even im a huge fan of yurs ;)

 samin tamang from Hong Kong says on 01 September 2010
great job keran and bagicha.com...and vishu u r super

 sabina shrestha from USA says on 01 September 2010
top of the chart ..so many views keep it up sweetie

 naren rai from Nepal says on 01 September 2010
proud of you teen boy.like your song,music and video concept is unique

 neema gurung from Hong Kong says on 31 August 2010
hey vishu your peace song is mind blowing ..best nepali song of 2010....

 kiran from Nepal says on 29 August 2010
ohh this guy with dawara suwal i have seen in tv so many times ..yes yes i remember in channel nepal and ntv2 play it on..yeah is the song of peace my fav one "we want peace somthing bla bla ,.... hey hey hey plese send me this song kajol_2002@yahoo.com....this song is my all time fav.. kiran

 jyotsna from Nepal says on 27 August 2010
i love u vishuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.....i love your music its amazing

 shreeya from Nepal says on 27 August 2010
hi vishu .. u ..u r so so so so so sweet. m dying to meet u .hey when is ur concert please let me know ...i want to buy your first ticket

 roselina from Nepal says on 27 August 2010
i jus love him so much his lyrics music his paino playing.........i want to meet him...guys do u hav his number...i really want to go for a date with him......he is the cutest fellow i hav ever seen..........vishu plz meet me once i m ur gr8 fan

 aparajita from Nepal says on 27 August 2010
Vishu ROCKS... :)

 raj from Nepal says on 27 August 2010
keep it up boi.great job

 kesha from Nepal says on 27 August 2010
hi vishu , i m a great fan of urs.can u please sne me your peace song .please mail me at kesha_sweetygirl@yahoo.com

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