Well it’s very true that I left “STOND AMP” due to many reasons. It’s like an old story of every band. Like forming and splitting..... - Visan N` The Groovers

Visan N` The Groovers
Visan Yonjen,an immensely talented musician, music video director and former front man of alternative rock band STOND AMP, whom he says that they have sadly disbanded, with mutual understanding, due to various reasons. Recently he formed a new band with talented young musicians who are full of enthusiasm and passionate about music. They go by the name Visan N”The Groovers. Let’s all wish them good luck in their new venture and find out what Visan has to say about his new band and his first single “Kaaran”, which he says is dedicated to all the ladies with beautiful eyes. His own words with Keran limbu exclusively for bagaicha.com

Keran- How true is it that you have formed a new band recently, Visan N’The Groovers, leaving “The Stond Amp”?

Well it’s very true that I left “STOND AMP” due to many reasons. It’s like an old story of every band. Like forming and splitting. But I must say that I got huge experience working with “STOND AMP” especially, with Bzu Karmacharya. He is still my all time favorite guitarist. Now I’m with my new band Visan N’The Groovers, to explore my musical journey.


Keran-What was the reason to form this new group, when Stond Amp was doing quite well? 

As I’ve mentioned before about forming and splitting bands, yeah “STOND AMP” was like in “Pause” condition and all the members were busy with their own personal projects. There was nothing happening, there wasn’t any kind of progress regarding the band. But I got a chance to take my music ambitions further therefore, in mutual understanding .we agreed to disband.


Keran-How and when did you decide to collaborate and form Visan N’The Groovers”?

I was about to make it solo after I left Stond Amp but being in a rock band before, it was not easy for me without a band to continue my music as my genre is all about band related music. So I came across some talented young fellows with whom I formed a new band and we named it Visan N’The Groovers.


Keran-What differences can we find in the Visan N’The Groovers?

Definitely audiences and my fans will find something different compared with my previous music. And talking about The Groovers, these young musicians are very passionate about their music and, I guess, these are the reasons that we have come up as the new band. The collaboration and the studio sessions have been going pretty exciting lately as we work together to make a first new album. Hopefully, we are going to rock the scene.


Keran-Can you describe your experiences working with this new group of young musician and, perhaps, what have you missed the most from working with the Stond Amp?

Well I’m still exploring new pathways with my new band, as I’ve mentioned before, as we have been working together. Equally we are trying to give of our best for this new venture and I feel pretty excited about the direction in which The Groovers. Is developing. Yeah, I’m going to miss Stond Amp, for sure, because of all that we shared together and the many phases that we have gone through together. I especially am working with Bzu, my former guitarist. We still meet and share our ideas as we did previously for me it was a great experience playing with Bzu during the Stond Amp days so I want to wish him good luck for the future.


Keran-Any reason giving the name The Groovers?

I still remember the first time, when I came with my new song and jammed with these guys in practice. And it was, like, very groovey playing together and we really enjoyed that very first time. So, I named us The Groovers.


Keran-Lets change the topic and talk about your new single “Kaaran”. How would you like to define this song?

“Kaaran”, is going to be my first new single, which I am planning to release soon. And, talking about “Kaaran”, I have worked with one of the upcoming talented guy, named Hercules Basnet on this particular song. So “Kaaran” is all about a new experience for me. And hopefully soon, I will come up with a first full length album after this first single.


Keran- Describe what “Kaaran” is about in your own words?

Talking about “Kaaran”, I am very satisfied with both the lyrics and the composition. Big thanks must go to Bhai Hercules Basnet and The Groovers. We gave our best for this particular song and we hope that it will be well received. Well about the song, I must say that there is a little unique story in the lyric, a story about a “playboy” who becomes a true “Romeo” later… That’s all I can say for now.


Keran-What inspires you to explore your creativity?

I’m kind of moody guy so I need the right sort of environment to make my music. I listen to all kinds of music and have been inspired by all the great musicians around the world. Still exploring….


Keran-So when are you going to release your new album?

I’m planning to release my new single first, within a couple of months.The full length album is in process right now so it’s not decided yet.But hopefully soon.


Keran-Are you going to make a music video for this album?

I’m planning to make a video of “Kaaran” very soon which will be released as single for now. After I am done with the album, I will be coming up with more videos.


Keran-Recently you were in a social cause” Trip to Katja”. How did you feel performing in front of those kids?

It was honors to be part of Katja. I had a great time there and it was a wonderful experience to perform for those lovely kids. They were so adorable and I miss all of them. I would like to thank you for making me part of that event as well. Cheers!!


Keran-What do you think about our website, any suggestion for our site?

Bagaicha.com is doing well so far. And it’s good for us Nepali artists to promote our music through this kind of Nepali sites even though it is based abroad. It is like a bridge that enables us to promote Nepali music. So far I just want to hope that the Bagaicha.com team will to make it a more happening and entertaining site in the future as it develops.


Keran-Last words to our viewers of bagaicha.com and all your fans out there?

Well firstly, Visan N’ The Groovers want to thank Bagaicha.com and especially, Keran Limbu for this wonderful opportunity. And lastly, do support and love Nepali music. We will be rocking as we get it going on!!! Peace….


Interviewed by keran limbu exclusively for bagiacha.com



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