: Well there are loads of things to do , but due to the development of Technologies and all we are helpless , piracy is there , it’s worldwide so we just want our listeners to listen to our music that’s it. - The Unity

The Unity
These three young, dynamic, versatile, singers, Sudin (da69) Amit (adray) And Ashif Shah, needs no introduction, Coz there hits like “shez the bomb” Chyangba or chyangba and there recent juni juni, you can here everywhere in party or Function and each Youth mouths, when I was talking to sudin and ask for his Interview for the fans of Hong Kong, he said defiantly but for my group ”The Unity”, From here you can see his generosity and devotion towards “The Unity”, their Online Interview with keran limbu exclusively in bagaicha.com

Keran: "The unity" can you let us know more about it?

Unity: The Unity, Sudin (da69) and Amit (Aidray ) formed this group with our smashing hits like " shez the bomb"  and " chyangba oyee Chyangba " , later Asif Shah joined and we gave another hit number like Pahilo Maya , Later Asif Became permanent member of the unity and we came out with our album " Vyakaraan Of Rap " , Songs like Aaja Pheri , Prem ani Ago , Aba Audina ( Tribute to cool ) , Mission Paisa and lately Juni Juni are the songs that people liked a lot.

 keran: Your source of inspiration behind, The Unity?

Unity: Well we three inspire each other, but mainly every Nepali legendary musician inspired us.

 Keran: What type of music and what is your typical audience?

Unity: We do RAP (Rhythm and Poetry), we move through the trend, Mel rap is what we do basically, our audience are specially teenagers and we reach people of late 30's to 40's as well.

 Keran: How important music is in your life?

Unity: Well, Music is our life its vice versa.

Keran: Beside your music career you have your own profession, can you tell bit about it?

Unity: Sudin (is working as a Sports department co-ordinator, producer and news reader at kantipur television since 7 years), Asif (owns production house named G-21, where he deals making short films, music videos, TVC’s) and Amit (runs his family business).

Keran: What is your opinion on Rap, hip-hop music?

Unity: Rap is poetry, its, speaks people's heart as it full form says Rhythm and Poetry, hip-hop is a culture.

Keran: Do people in Nepal consider Rap to be music?

Unity: Yes they do , these days it’s their cup of tea.

Keran: You want to call sudin as a rapper or TV Anchor, Ashif the singer or the music director?

Unity: Well , It’s the Nepalese media they are representing and to survive you have to do loads of things , don’t u think so ??

Keran: Your recent music video Juni Juni its quite different then we see normally, how did you come up with the concept and how was the response?

Unity: Well, our every video are different, we experiment , from Aaja Feri to Prem ani ago , now when we three did our sittings for Juni Juni we thought why not  comedy , so we came up with this idea and we are grateful to get such a huge response , people liked it.

Keran: If you want to change one trade in Nepal music industry what would it be and why?

Unity: Well there are loads of things to do , but due to  the development of Technologies and all we are helpless , piracy is there , it’s worldwide so we just want our listeners to listen to our music that’s it.

Keran: To form and become best group or band what is most important?

Unity: Well our name says UNITY is required, we share each and every thing with each other we are just like family so to run a family understanding and trust is the most important thing, we owe these qualities.

Keran “The unity" memorable concert, songs or any experience you can't stop talking about

Unity: Well there are loads , but our first abroad show at HONGKONG is the most memorable coz we were performing first time abroad , beside that we have loads of , but Tribute to cool pokharel is the song which will stay with us for ever.

Keran: What are you guys doing currently anything new coming up?

Unity: we are working on our new album " Vyakaraan Of Rap II ".

keran: At last what would you like to share with our youth, and viewers of bagaicha.com?

Unity: well , firstly we would like to thank the whole team , secondly we would like to say we are NEPALI first rather than representing different communities and castes so love each other and lastly love Nepali music and musicians. Love you all,.,.

 Interviewed by Keran Limbu for www.bagaicha.com

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 Sanjeev singh from Germany says on 12 September 2009
Well its rocking what a cool band i love it so much..keep on so..

 anonymous from Nepal says on 15 August 2009
:) keep rocking

 raju from Nepal says on 15 August 2009
great job thanks

 Miraj Jang Grg. from Nepal says on 15 August 2009
Frist of all thanks a loat for bagaicha.com team and specially lovely and very active Keran for letting us to know about many persons. No doubt,You are doing good job amd making many people to think about bagaicha.com is really bringing somthing new. So Keran you are fantastic and keep it up. Not only me, but many other readers, who love bagaicha.com,also getting chance to know about something new. So dear Keran pls don't take as wrong sence,its my coment only-coould you please load your INTERVIEW around after two weeks or more? If so,this section will be really HIT, am 100% sure. and wt about date? confused. thanks

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