It has been improved than before in technical part. We can see and make quality videos these days. So it’s like updating everyday.... - The Stond- Amp

The Stond- Amp
Stond Amp, Nepal’s one of the best Rock Band recently released their new music video“Prashna” and got a good response. Visan Yonjan vocalist and a music director, shares few of his experience from making of his music video “Prashna”with Keran Limbu exclusively for

Keran:   You have recently released your new music video how was the response?

Well it was pretty good I guess... it’s been like just a week that we have released our new venture "Prashna". And got the instant responses soon.


Keran: Why and whose concept was to shoot the video in the middle of the jungle in Chitwan?

 We were just looking for a proper place to shoot our music. Jungle came into mind for this video, actually for this particular song "Prashna" as we had already planned about this video and concepts during our recording session for this album before...and it was like drive… Kathmandu to Chitwan. So we shot in Chitwan jungle called "BeeshaZaarTaal".


Keran:   Did you faced any difficulties while shooting this video?

We were scared of snakes. It was like middle in the jungle, dry leaves were all surrounded in a very thick quantity and the weather was very hot. But we made it finally!! Phew....

Keran-: Please share some of your good and bad memorable experience while shooting this video?

Well, shooting in Chitwan was like both good and not so good experience, as I have said before. But most of it, we liked the spot, in fact the whole jungle. We got such a great feeling to perform in this video. It was like justifying our song "prashna".

Keran-:  Did you direct this video?

 Not this time, actually I worked together with my good friend “ Sanzip Rai” who filmed this video. Let me tell you. He is very talented guy, must say all in one he captured all that moment in his camera and edited as well. So its just a friends working together...   ya !! Hat’s off to Sanzip Bro...

Keran: How important is "special effects" in a music video?

Well it all depends upon the video concepts. And it’s important to have special effects in the video to make it more interesting I guess. But we haven't used any kind of special effects in our videos.. he..he its all “REAL"…

Keran:  What is most important in a music video to get a good response?

 Obviously song should be good from lyrics to compose, but we have different kind of listeners and viewers here in Nepal. People have different thoughts from each other. So we can't predict for the good responses or any before we release the particular song or an album. It’s all in audience's hand to judge.

Keran:   Where do you see our music video making, comparing few years ago in Nepal?

 It has been improved than before in technical part. We can see and make quality videos these days. So it’s like updating everyday.

Keran: Being a director what would you like to say to the new comers?

This is tough one now... Well being a newcomer myself, I’m still learning about it but to make a good video is all about good song, digestible concepts…. he he... the characters.


Keran:   Last words you want to say about this music video to our viewers and your fans out there?
 We have just come up with this new video "Prashna". Watch it and please suggest and comment for Stond Amp, we need your support...and we are planning to record another album very soon.... lastly, thank you Keran for giving this wonderful opportunity to talk about our new music video and we would like to thank for this support as well. Warm regards to all Nepalese from HK. Do love Nepali Rock Music... Jai Nepal!!!


Note: You can check their music video in our music Video section.


Interviewed by Keran Limbu for


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 Menuca from United Kingdom says on 18 July 2010
Good joB The stond Amp...rEallY liked ur MusIC N VidEO ROCKING !!

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