Unity and Passion. If you have passion and if you really can work in unison than the band can exist longer in Nepal. - The Shadows

The Shadows
Swapnil sharma, a young and talented vocalist and the rhythm player of the band “The Shadows” says Unity and Passion which is keeping their band for long run though.They started their musical career singing cover songs of various Nepalese and English bands artist and later decided to form their own band and released their first album “Suna Hamro Aawaz"and performed in various part of Nepal.says one of the best concert of the band was performing in front of 15000 audience in Darjeeling. Their own words with Keran Limbu exclusively for bagaicha.com

Keran-First of all please let us know about your band and genre of music you all play?

We are a hard rock band. However; some of the songs in our previous album are alternative rock.


Keran-How did you guys decided to collaborate?

Actually the shadows band was formed more than a decade ago when some of we school friends decided to cover songs of popular Nepali and English bands and artists. Later on, we started participating in various musical competitions. When we thought we were capable to record an album then we came up with the album “suna hamro awaz”.


Keran-Is it each and every band members are equally treated or vocalist gets to take the credit away?

Yes, we always represent our band together. It is true that the vocalist being a front man of the band is noticed more in the music videos and the concerts, but when we have to go for the interviews in radios, TV, and papers we go as the team. Swapnil , being a very understanding vocalist refuse to have any form of promotion without the team unless it is very urgent and decided by the whole team.


Keran-What is music to all of you?

Music is simply music for us. We don’t have proper definition for music. We respect it and we have passion for it. We think the main objective of the shadows is to deliver quality music to the Nepalese audiences.


Keran- How did you come up with the band name "The Shadows", does it has some meaning?

We were very young when we actually established the band. So we were just searching a good name for the band. Bikas came up with the name “the shadows” and we liked it. 


Keran- Do you want to share the best and the worst stage experience of the band with our viewers?

There are so many good and bad experiences during our musical journey. We are sent off without payment from the tour in many concerts in many places in Nepal. Many organizers are not loyal towards the musical artists they call for their programs. In one place in Terai we had also visited police stations to complain about the local organizers after they refused the payments and forced us to pay the accommodations bills.

However we love to play our music when we get a beautiful rock-loving crowd in any place. In 2007 we played in Darjeeling with more than 15000 audiences; that is one of the best concert for the shadows.


Keran- The band’s most memorable songs that you can’t stop playing always?

It’s always so good when you are singing waiving your microphone on the air and people watching you sing along with you. So one of the song we can’t stop playing is Prakriti, when we sing that song in any concerts than we feel like we are singing the anthem for the nature together with all the people present in the mass.


Keran-Do you believe that music is medicine of broken heart? If so how?

We don’t know about the broken heart.  But to every heart it creates love and harmony. It is the only language you can share with any person in the world.


Keran-Is the political situation and the load shedding  interfering a lot in the music industry these days?

Yeah just imagine if you are singing in a concert and suddenly there is no current. What are u supposed to do at that moment? It’s real difficult for everyone to have a studio time during the load shedding.


Keran-What do you do beside music?

We all are engaged in some kind of work beside music. If you are in Nepal than you have to understand that music may not probably provide you the living. and being a rock band its very hard for us to get concerts in every twelve months. International concert is like nil for us.


Keran-What is the most important thing for a band to stay in the long run in Nepal?

Unity and Passion. If you have passion and if you really can work in unison than the band can   exist longer in Nepal.


Keran-What are you guys doing currently, any new album or show coming up?

We have already recorded 6 of the songs for the new album. We had also released a song called “KHELADI  HUN MA” via radio stations and websites. We are just looking for the good time to publish our album.


Keran-What do you want to share with your fans and the viewers of Bagaicha.com ?

We are “the shadows” just because you all have supported us. You people are like our friends and we always expect suggestions from you guys to improve ourselves with time. We are nobody without you all. We also thank bagaicha.com to let us deliver the things through the web to our fans.


 Interviewed by Keran Limbu for www.bagaicha.com


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 dipesh shrestha from Nepal says on 12 April 2010
bros i like ur passion n unity ur next videos kaile aaucha.i'm just seek to see ur next videos

 aaaa from Nepal says on 21 January 2010
good to see their interview after a long time....

 Rosan Gurung from Hong Kong says on 20 January 2010
Keran I am really enjoying your work in bagaicha.com ,Your talk show your stunning and out standing picture ,Our country need a women like you who is immensely talented a package with beauty , brain and courage…hope to meet with you some day if you wish and eagerly waiting for your Music video,

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