Ups and downs are part of life and one should know your importance so be good and do good…and finally, always keep smiling..... - Suzta Shrestha

Suzta Shrestha
I had a chance to meet and share a few moments with her during her shoot in Kingsway. She is one of the bubbliest and vivacious people that I have met in my life,One will never get bored when one is around her. I guess that’s the reason why she has such a huge base growing in the few years since in her television career took off. She might look like a simple person but she has this charisma when she is in front of camera which has produced an amazing response to her debut as an actress in the Music video of Nitin Thapa “Samjhiney Chau,”. She is currently working in a designer contest taking a small step to help Nepalese garments grow among us. Let’s wish her good luck. Featuring Suzata Shreshta with her own words with keran limbu exclusively, a first interview for

Keran-Hi Suzta, how have you been doing lately? Could you please tell us something about yourself?

Hello I am doing very well I can even say great. Lately I am busy with my television work and organizing a fashion event. It’s a competition between designers using Nepalese fabric.


Keran-Since when and how did you decide to get involved in television work?

I was doing my bachelors with more leisure time...ha...ha...ha…so thought I should do something which was my passion and interest. My brother friend Shahil Dai approached me for a photo shoot and afterwards I tried television. I failed to make it in the first audition but got through in my second audition since when I have never looked back. I was out there with flying wings.


Keran-You’re currently a VJ and a producer in Nepal 1. The show Hello Nepal was very popular and run by Sonam Pakhrin. How hard was it for you to win over his fans and gain recognition?

It’s been three years now since I started my career doing recorded shows, When I changed to live shows it was quite hard for me because Sonam Dai already had a huge fan following, but after a while I got used to it and built mine.


Keran-How was your first day experience at Nepal 1 as a VJ?

Very funny one…lights, camera and all the people around, I was really nervous because I was unknown to everyone out there…but it was fun holding that power to show the world yes…I am something.


Keran-What is the best/worst thing about being a VJ in Nepal?

The best part is that you can spread your information very quickly; it’s fun to connect with people’s view, getting fans mails and talking about the worst part is you can’t get expansive stuff doing this job.


Keran-Recently you made your debut as an actress in a music video of Nitin Thapa, how did that go for you?

The people around me like Nitin Dai, Sonam Dai, Bsal were really close to me so I really felt comfortable and never had a chance to complain. I felt like I was in my own home production.



Keran-You got really good reviews for your acting. Did you have any formal training?

Well I never had any formal training for VJ or acting…all the credit goes to my mirror it was a good support for my acting career…ha…ha..ha..


Keran-Which is the most difficult for you, being a VJ or an actress?

Of Course actress... Being a VJ I can be me and speak out on whatever is on my mind, but for an actress, it’s different and difficult. You need to laugh you have to cry and shed tears…


Keran- Will your fans are going to see more of your work in music video or on the big screen in future?

May be or maybe not, because my first video I did was just because Sonam Dai approached me and Nitin Dai had confident on me…let’s wait and see what future store for me.


Keran-What is your opinion on marriage, love marriage or arranged marriage?

Marriage is the reason why I am here in this world….ha..ha..ha…and about love or arranged marriage, I would prefer a love marriage because you can’t think of sharing your whole life with a stranger and regret it later if you can’t get along.


Keran-Your favorite hangout place, where and with whom?

I can hangout anywhere whether its Patan or Kingsway, but most of the times you can find me in Kingsway, because it’s easy and the nearest place to my home…Ha..ha..ha..As far as with whom, most of the time I hang out with my best friend Barsha and sometimes with my siblings and they all are good company.


Keran-Beside television, currently what are you up to?  Any new plans or projects that you are working towards?

As I mention earlier I am working in a project organizing a designer contest and taking a small step to help Nepalese garments grow among us.


Keran-Last words to your fans and the viewers of

It was great sharing my words with you all. And thank you to Keran Di as well for giving me this opportunity. Ups and downs are part of life and one should know your importance so be good and do good…and finally, always keep smiling J


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