I am working on creating a bridge between Kollywood and Bollywood which I will be launching very soon..... - Sushant Singh Thakuri

Sushant Singh Thakuri
An immensely talented music producer involved with a company, 2S, since 2008. Once said that his next goal is to turn the music scene in Nepal on its head. Recently completed film making and direction course from Rajashree in Mumbai and now ready to go back to Nepal and show his creativity in Musical scenario as a director, which has been his passion for long time, but he mention that he is still going to remain as a music producer and producing a Nepali album “shirshak” very soon, lets hear from the man himself what he has to say about his new beginning that he has started with Keran limbu exclusively for bagaicha.com

Keran-Hey sushant .How’s life, what are you up to lately?

Hello Keran , Life is good . Past few days have been really very messy with lots of works, and planning’s.


Keran-You have left Nepal and moved to Mumbai what was the reason?

Lots of people say that I left Nepal what are my plans, actually I have not left Nepal at all. I am just reloading myself in India. I recently completed my Film making and Direction course from Rajashree in Mumbai and now I am all set to get myself back to Nepal.


Keran-What are you doing there these days In Mumbai?

Well as I told you I came here for a Film Making and Direction Course which is over now. I also directed 2 Nepali Music videos and co – directed few short Films.


Keran-So you are making music video, what shorts of video it is about?

Yeah, I just shot 2 Music Videos. One is Naulo – Naulo sung by  Sirish Bikram Thapa from the album “C’ris”  while the second one is “Jaldai Gaye” sung by Amreet Chheti from his album Some One . Naulo Naulo is a happy Pop Track where as Jaldai Gaye is a sad song with a modern/pop genre.


Keran-Can you say something about your Video?

Well, My First Video Naulo – Naulo is a Song about people in love who feels everything different around them In my video you will see a couple excited to meet and their journey before they meet each other. Ravi Pawan and Jannat Serothia are actors for the video. While my second Music Video Jaldai gaye is about a guy who comes to his home town after a long time and finds out that his girl friend is getting married to someone else. This video will definitely surprise everyone with the twist I have planned.  Navin Singh and Paree Sharma are acting in this video.

Suresh Kumar is the man behind the camera and Prajjwal shrestha is the editor of the video. Vishal Shindey and Christopher Rodrigues are the technical in charge for the both the videos. These videos are shot at different locations of Mumbai and New Delhi.


Keran-Are you the one who is directing if so, what made you change from music producer to Director?

 Yes, I am the one who is directing these videos well producing involves lots of risks were as directing involves lots of creativity plus it has always been my passion may be its right time to show it. It’s not that I have left producing it’s just that I have become more Selective, Infect I m producing one Nepali Album “Shirshak “and will be out in market very soon. Not only this I will also be organizing some musical concerts in next few months.


Keran-What difference we can see from your music video?

Well I don’t know about the differences but I have focused on the Quality of the videos. My first two videos are shot in Mumbai and New Delhi. My all four actors, cinematographer and other technicians are Indian professionals. I have always said that I want Nepali Music to go beyond boundaries and I want it to be compared with Bollywood. So here, this is my first attempts to make my dream come true.


Keran-What do you think about the video making of Nepal?

Well with Improvement in Music albums video making is also improving in Nepal but what I feel about Nepali Music video is people are not really ready to see something different yet.


Keran-How much does it cost to make one good music video?

Well a good and quality music video can be made in any amount above 1 lakh but with increase in budget you can improve lots of other essential thing in it.


Keran-What elements do one need to produce a quality video?

Well making a good music video is a team work. First and for most you need to have a good Song and a concept for any good music video. Then good cinematographer and good actors are very important. Then comes other technical stuffs like Camera , Trolley , Zib etc etc …last but not the least  video is a actually made at editor table so it’s very important to have a good editor.


Keran-What happened to your company 2S is it still there or Closed?

Ooh its very much there. It’s just that 2S had not launched any new Music album though we had organized an event recently in “Thori” Nepal with famous singers like Pramod Kharel , Badri Pangayni , Jyoti Lohani , Merri Bassey team and other singers and dancers. Not only this 2S is coming up with a New album “Shirshak” by Ramesh Kadariya very soon .Not only this we are coming up with some more new and different set of works.


Keran-What new we can see from you, apart from your music video?

Apart from directing these Music videos I’m planning some Music concerts as well. Plus I am working on creating a bridge between Kollywood and Bollywood which I will be launching very soon.


Keran-How are you spending times in Mumbai, and what kind of life style is it there comparing Nepal?

Well I was born and brought up in India So Life style of India has been very close to me. This time it is more of work related to me. I am focusing in meeting people and gaining knowledge’s. Whenever free I just hang out with friends or watch some movies. Well it is very similar with the Nepali lifestyle. I guess language is a basic difference and not to forget Mumbai is a much bigger and busier place then Kathmandu but I miss Nepal a lot and can’t wait to go back there.


Keran-Still single, what’s your thought about settling down and what kind of women you are looking for?

Hmm, well I am not really looking to settle down very soon may be after 2 or 3 years. I have lots of stuff to do before I tie a knot, once ready I guess I will look for some one simple ground to earth and trust worthy.


Keran-Last words for our viewers of bagaicha.com?

I really want to thank Viewers of bahaicha.com for their endless love, I would have been no were without your support and I hope you all will continue supporting me like this. My 2 music videos as a director and 1 album as a producer will be releasing next month I hope u all will enjoy watching and listening to it.

Last but not the list keep listening, Loving and supporting Nepali Music.


Interviewed by keran limbu exclusively for bagaicha.com

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