My next goal is to turn the music scene on its head. I’m looking forward to creating a new paradigm, something that will change the style of music videos .... - Sushant Singh

Sushant Singh
A young and dynamic personality, a music producer, who was born and brought up in India (Delhi) and came to Nepal in 2008 for a tour, He liked Nepal and Nepali people a lot, and he saw that the music industry in Nepal was so developed. He decided to stay and become part of music scene there; His enthusiasm for his work coupled with his unique ideas and skills helped him promote his name as a music producer in a very short time. Recently his company, 2S, has celebrated its first anniversary. He says his next goal is to turn the music industry on its head and deliver something new in music videos. Featuring Sushant Singh, for first time, his own words with me exclusively for

Keran-What does your work as a producer specifically involve?

The work of a producer is to be laid back and have fun. If a music producer isn’t actually in the office, he is either meeting artists and musicians or planning and coordinating budgets and sessions. Producers always get to listen to new and unreleased songs and demos. One needs to open one’s eyes and ears wherever one goes.


Keran-Could you tell us a little bit about yourself? Your education, interests and past work experience?

 I was born and brought up in India. I completed my schooling from DPS Raipur and got a degree of Bachelors in Commerce from the Hindu College of Delhi University. I later shifted to Kathmandu and I m still learning. I am a guy with lots of hobbies, I like working out, I love playing outdoor games, I like travelling and going outdoors with my friends. I reading novels,. I listen to music and watch T.V also. I became involved in the music world via a friend’s duo album “Still I love you…”.  This album will always be special to me as I was involved in this from the first letter of the songs to the release of the album. I have released 6 albums to date and it has been a pleasure working with every other artist I have met.


Keran-What made you choose to become a music producer?

 I entered the field of music by a very circuitous route. I came to Nepal on a tour in 2008. “Bhumo” a song from the Tsujil Dai’s album was at the top of the charts at the time. I was really shocked by the development of the music scene.(from the song  Paan Ko Paat to Bhumo) , I decided to become the part of it and try to take it to the next level. Also to you must not forget that I really like the place and the people here.



Keran-What would you say makes you uniquely qualified for your line of work?

 I think to become a good music producer one needs to have great tact, musicality, a little technical knowledge and great respect. One needs to “feel” the music and I guess I am quite qualified in those respects.


Keran-What other producers, songwriters and/or artists do you see as your primary inspiration?

 In my early childhood my uncle, who used to play almost every musical instrument, inspired me. That was my introduction to music. I also respect Tsujil Karmcharya dai a lot as a music director/lyricist/singer/model/arranger. He is a complete package.


Keran-Can you describe briefly how you work on a musical project?

Generally an artist comes to us after recording their tracks. Then me and my company advisor Divas Pokhrael, listen to the tracks or get other professionals to listen to the work. Then we discuss all the pros and cons of the album and accordingly we accept or reject the work I always place great emphasis on new talent, quality products and hard work.


Keran-What is distinctive about a 2S Productions?

2S music is powerhouse Music Company that works all the way from writing lyrics to the composition of a song, to the arrangement, recording, mastering, video production, promotion, and distribution. We believe in simplicity and flexibility but we never compromise with the quality. Our services cannot be matched and we keep it realistic and fair when it comes to money matters.


Keran-Do you have a favorite musical project that you’ve worked on?

 Each and every project I have worked on is very close to my heart but “Still I love you…” will always be special for me as it introduced me in the Nepali music scene. We recently launched the music of the movie “Swor” and the tracks of this album are also among my favourites.


Keran-Is there, an artist you want to work with that you have not yet had opportunity to work with?

I want to work with each and every new and professional artist who has potential caliber to attract attention in the business.


Keran-What can we expect from your company in 2011?

My next goal is to turn the music scene on its head. I’m looking forward to creating a new paradigm, something that will change the style of music videos (but let this stay a secret for now). Other than this I can assure that there will be lots of good albums, concert tours, and charity shows.


Keran-Do you have an advice for young people who want to become music producers like you?

For the people starting out in the music industry as a producer, they need to concentrate on developing their skills and creativity, but not neglect the business side of it all. Making contacts and networking are essential. It’s very important to share experiences and discuss solutions. Apart from all this a bit of luck and a lot of hard work are vitally most important.


Keran-What do you like to do for fun outside of working on music?

Normally I hang out with my friends in my free time. I also like to go on long drives. These days I watch television and surf the Net a lot.


Keran-Staying away from home. What do you miss the most?

Wooohhh…it’s been 12years that I have been living alone. Generally I miss almost everything related to my home but I guess home cooking is something I miss a lot. I am fed up of eating out all the time.


Keran-Last word for our viewers of and your fans out there?

 First of all I want to thank Keran and for letting me express my views in public. It take lots of time and effort to complete an album but less than a minute to like or dislike it. I would like to ask everyone not to compare us with Hollywood or Bollywood yet. We are way behind them in technical aspects. They have huge markets in comparison to the Nepali music market. Though we are improving it will take a lot more time, So, please, love our work and buy the original copies, not the pirated ones. Last but not least, keep loving music and, yeah, music has no language. Thank you all.


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 Ankita Mangla from India says on 03 February 2011
Its been alwz fun to have sushant around. Congrats dear....proud of u... n all the best. M sure u gonna rock. Cheers... !!!

 Sushant Singh from Nepal says on 31 January 2011
thank u evry one...I m realy overwhelmed by your love....thanx a lot

 kangan from Nepal says on 28 January 2011
hey nice yaar.........may god blessed u with paisa ,gaadi,bangla and lots of fans and fame............hey paisa gaadi bangla is a part of a joke but i really wished that u achieve all ur goals as soon as possible and i m very much sure that u will get all things very soon.

 jitesh nayak from India says on 27 January 2011
proud of u man!

 jitesh nayak from India says on 27 January 2011
feeling proud man.....

 Rajkumar Ghale from Nepal says on 23 January 2011
lala dai, best of luck...

 suraj singh from Nepal says on 23 January 2011
All the best 2S Music and All the best Sushant...u gyes ROCK.

 amrit marahatta from Nepal says on 22 January 2011
badhai cha susant ...... music fild ma yeuta naya aayam launu parcha ......

 om pandey from Nepal says on 22 January 2011
wow, Didn't knew this much about Nepali Music Industry.Its good to know about somthing behind the audio cd....Good Luck Champ.

 akash martin from India says on 21 January 2011
nice sushant all the best bro...............

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Its been alwz fun to have sushant around. Congrats dear....proud of u... n all the best. M sure u gonna rock. Cheers... !!!