Beggars can’t b chooser.I do what I get but god knows what when and where I will get the big catch(role)still waiting. - Sunil Thapa

Sunil Thapa
The Nepali veteran actor notably has gained popularity from his negative roles in the Nepali movie industry although he started his career in 1974 in an Indian movie. He said that becoming an actor was just by accident, when he was offered a part in a movie by Dav Anand, whom he met when covering the coronation in Bhutan as a photo -journalist. He later joined the Nepali film industry and has since made many movies winning the hearts of millions of fans. These days he is busy with TV shows. And says this is the first time that he has sat down in front of a computer to do an interview, in his own words with no script, with me, exclusively for

Keran-Since when did you decided to become and actor and when did you join?

I did not decide to become an actor, it was co incidence as I was covering the Bhutan coronation as a photo journalist I happened to meet Dev saab(Dev Anand) he saw me and  said Sunil you Have an interesting face I would like to use u in my film, and that’s it I joined the movie world. It was 6th September 1974 I faced the camera for the 1st time for a movie called SAHIB BAHADUR in Hindi.


Keran-Where did you learn your acting skill?

One does not learn acting; I suppose I had it in me the talent n of course the hard work n dedication


Keran-You have started your movie career from Indian film, what and why did you decided to join Nepali film industries?

I always wanted to be at the Oscars n I thought that by doing Nepali movies I will go to the Oscars and represent my country, that’s why Nepali movies.


Keran-What difference did you find in movie making in India and Nepal?

Big difference they are very professional and we take it easy, they have HUGE market we have small(tiny)market but acting in any part of the world is the same.


Keran-How hard was it to get the cast as Raate Kaile, what finally convinced you to take it?

Its destiny that I got my 1st Hindi movie same way again, it was the Destiny and I liked the role and did it.


Keran-Audience have been watching you since 1981, do you still enjoy acting as much as you used to do?

I just enjoy acting its a big nassha(addiction) for me and I will never get tired of it.


Keran-You are seen in lots of TV serial theses days, why?

T V in Nepal is more popular than the movies and I have more fan followings after the T V shows.


Keran-Can you share the experience about your movie God lives in the Himalayas?

One of the greatest movies I have ever done enjoyed in my entire film life because it was made under my banner in Nepal and made it happen.


Keran- Your inspiration behind all your success?

First my mom and then my beautiful wife Rajani Subba and of course, all my dear dearer dearest fans because of them here I m with


Keran-Tell us being an actor are you still waiting for that one particular character you want to do it, or satisfied with what you have done till today?

Beggars can’t b chooser I do what I get but god knows what when and where I will get the big catch(role)still waiting.


Keran-What is that, we still need in Nepali movie to pull the crowd in to movie halls?

Be Nepali think Nepali love the Nepali movie world (even if they are not good) and believe me all will start loving because we have started making good Nepali movies these days, Please don’t hate and ignore the Nepali movie world, because its you all which will give us the guts to make good movie.


Keran-What are you up to now, any new upcoming?

It’s a very funny question. I’ m up to nothing ha ha ha just a joke, well I’ m busy with the new shoots just completed “MALTI KO BHATTI  “ doing “TA TA SARI NAY SAPRIS NI BADRI” and “ GAARV”. I have started my own talk show on Ntv 2 called Saturday talk show with Sunil Thapa.


Keran-Being in this industry for so long time, what you have to say to those who want to fallow your footstep and become a good actor?

Its not easy world its tough you got to sacrifice many things and if you have talent you will automatically get a chance and that’s the time you must Grab it.


Keran- Last word for your fans and our viewers of

       Love to and wishing you all a great success in future and to you

       Keran thanks.


            Interviewed by Keran Limbu for


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