Music video direction was a kind of income way, but singing is my Passion and achievement towards my goal... - Sunil Singh Thakuri

Sunil Singh Thakuri
Says he started his career as a music video director and made many good music videos, but his passion music started from singing in school and college. Later on his family and friends let him know that he can really sing and can attract the crowd. The encouragement that he got from his love once made him decide to make his passion as a career. Since then he has already released four albums. He proudly says that he would like to get recognized as a singer rather than a music video director. Recently he has released his fourth album Crazy Hat 4(Chaitama).Let us all wish him good luck for his new album and his musical journey. Let’s hear from a frank and immensely talented singer, what he has to say for the first time in interview with keran limbu.

Keran-Hey Sunil how you been doing lately?

I have just released my fourth album “Crazy Hat-4” (Chaitama), so quite busy

with the music promotion.


Keran-You were recognized as a music video director, what made you change in to singing?

Music video direction was a kind of income way,but singing is my Passion and achievement towards my goal.


Keran-What elements does someone need to become a good director?

To become a good director firstly one should understand the character of the artist and script and try to go beyond the scene and present in a good way.


Keran-If you have to give credit to someone for being who you are today, who it would be?

Yeah I defiantly have many creditors for being who I am today, Indreni cassette centre, Reeyaz music, my audience, media and specially bro R.B Singh.


Keran-Till date how many albums have you released and what types of song we can hear from your album?

Up to now there are 4 albums, Crazy Hat-1, Crazy Hat-2(Ghatana Ghatyo), Crazy Hat-3(14 Anchal), Crazy Hat-4(Chaitama). Well you can hear Melodious, Tragedy, and Specially Fast dancing number from all my albums.


Keran-What’s music to you and want you want to deliver through your song?

Music is my soul; through my song you can hear romance, melody and reality of Nepalese.


Keran-What is your opinion toward musical scenario of Nepal these days?

Though the Population of Musician or artist is increasing day by day but Nepali album sales in market it still very low…


Keran-Can someone survive choosing this profession these days?

Yeah! Of course one can survive with this profession if they have consistency towards music and good in what they are doing, they can get many offer from

Aboard or doing concert in nation, which bring the income.


Keran-What kind of person is Sunil Singh Thakuri?

Romantic and Frank


Keran-How would you like to get recognize as a singer or a director?

Of course! As a singer


Keran-Your favorites hang out place while you are not working?

Kings way (Durbar Marg), Kathmandu


Keran-You been always seen wearing a hat, does that have some meaning or just for fashion?

The reason of me wearing the hat always is actually I admire late Michel Jackson a lot .My entire album name begins with hat and it attracts all my audience with it too.


Keran-What you up to recently and what’s coming next?

Recently I am busy with my 4th album Crazy Hat-4(Chaitama) and my next upcoming album will be Crazy Hat-5 with some title.


Keran-Lastly few words to our viewers of and your fans out there?

Of course! Thank you so much to all the viewers of and my fans. I’m so happy for getting all the love and support. Recently I have released my 4th album Crazy Hat-4(Chaitama), song is chaitama hoping that you’ll support me by listening and liking my album and the title song chaitama. Jai Nepal!


Interviewed by Keran Limbu exclusively for

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