I think one needs to be very good listener to become a good arranger. One should have ability to judge himself/herself.... - Sujil Karmacharya

Sujil Karmacharya
Though he was a hydropower engineer and a dreamer too, who thought of building his career as an engineer, but his passion towards music with his hard work made him who he is today. He is not only a singer but an Arranger including a Model too. Says these days he is busy with his new album and giving background score for the Movie “Swor”. Here are some of his words with me exclusively for bagaicha.com

Keran-When and how did you start your musical journey?

I was in class nine when I grabbed a guitar for the first time (2050 B.S.) I guess

I knew it was going to last a long time so I must consider it as the beginning of

My musical journey. I tore a piece of cardboard from my science practical notebook and cut it out as a guitar neck. I drew lines on it to resemble six strings; staple onto the lines to feel them as strings, and then learned my first chords. That’s how it began!!


Keran-till today how many albums you have released?

I’ve released 3 albums with my band and 1 solo album.


Keran-One of your songs, you can’t stop singing, which one it is and why?

“Sapana Matra”, from my band’s first album. I don’t know why. I am still practicing

Singing the song over and over, even though I have sung it for years.


Keran-You were an engineering student but you choose singing rather then pursuing your qualification. Why?

Engineering was, no doubt, a nice career for me but I switched to music because it was what I had always liked to do since my childhood. Also, I had begun to realize that after a lot of hardship and struggle, there could be a bright career in the music industry too.


Keran-How supportive and happy was your parents with your decision?

My parents were quite worried about my future at first but, slowly, they started to realize it would be okay. They have always been supportive since the beginning of my musical career.


Keran-Besides singing you are an arranger and doing modeling as well. What is most important to be able to stay as a model for the long run?

Actually I am not a model but I am fortunate to be considered as one. I am really thankful and grateful to Alok Nemnabg Dai, who gave me the opportunity to act as a model in some of his songs. One needs to be very hard working and focused in ones career to stay in the long run.


Keran-What is most important to become a good arranger?

I think one needs to be very good listener to become a good arranger. One should have ability to judge himself/herself.


Keran-You had been to Hong Kong how was it? Can you share your experience with us please?

I will never forget the week I spent in HK in 2006.We had a very good reception there. I met few of my old friends. A few new of my Nepalese friends, who took us to pubs where we could see, live band performing. Shopping around the markets was unforgettable.


Keran-Who is your inspiration in life?

I have always followed my big brother since I was a kid. So, I think he is the true inspiration in my life.


Keran-What you have to say about music industries in Nepal these days?

I have a hope in our music industry these days. Lots of talented artist are emerging everyday. People have started showing an interest and have stated taking musical classes too. The only thing that worries me is the sales of our product. Which I hope will increase in the forthcoming days because of the advances in technology.


Keran-How would you like to spend your spare time?

My one and only interest is watching movies. So I spare my time watching movies.


Keran- tell us about your recent and new upcoming projects?

I am working on the background score of movies called “Swor”. I am working on my new album too but it’s quite slow. I’ll speed it up as soon as I get some time.


Keran- Will we see you as an engineer in the future?

I don’t know but I hope to work as an engineer again someday in my life…


Keran –Any words to our viewers of bagaicha.com and your fans?

I would like to thank you and bagaicha.com team for this wonderful opportunity, to share my feelings with Nepalese music lovers all over the world, with my fans and the viewers.....


I am so grateful to you for your love for Nepalese music. We (the artistes) wouldn’t have become who we are without your love and support. I really appreciate you being a true listener of music. Thank you so much! Thank you!!


Interviewed by Keran Limbu for www.bagaicha.com



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