-Political problems, youth frustration, education system, bad governance, corruption, violence etc etc………but I am sure; we people can change it….a little bit of hope and patriotism is needed - Sugarika Kc

Sugarika Kc
Sugarika Kc one of the immensely talented Miss Nepal we have, who cares for her country and youth very much, she was crowned Miss Nepal on 2005, She is doing Masters Degree in Environmental Science, interested in media; her ambition is to achieve a career in the media by utilizing her knowledge of the environment. She has also worked both in radio and television and won 1st prize in a nationwide speech competition and was considered the best anchor of Nepal 2004, her online interview with keran Limbu. Exclusively for bagaicha.com

   Keran-You been crown miss Nepal and had a chance to represent Nepal for Miss World in  china, and also visited Hong Kong, How was your experience?

Sugarika-Representing Nepal as an Ambassador in the global arena through Miss World was a lifetime pride and delight for me. I had a chance to visit Hongkong in 2005during my trip to Miss World, honestly, meeting Nepali DAJUBHAI AND DIDIBAHINI residing there was a lovely experience. I still get thrilled by all the love, support, admiration that you people showered on me during my stay. Most importantly, I was delighted, glad and inspired to witness the affection and warmth among all the Nepalese there. Sincerely speaking, my experience at Hongkong can never be described on words…………HONGKONG BASI NEPALI ROCK!!!!!!!


Keran-Can you let us know the recent goal you accomplished after becoming Miss Nepal?

Sugarika-Miss Nepal pageant for me was a turning point of my life, I was provided with many opportunities that I would never have had if I wasn’t Miss Nepal. The access of meeting people of different walks of life, experiencing the real problems of Nepal inspired me towards social services and today I feel happy saying that…..yes I could become a little help for at least a little needy community through my social involvements. Working with Nepal Cancer Relief Society (NCRS), World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Rotary Nepal, Children For Green New Nepal (CGNN), Biodiversity Journalist Group (BDJ) and various social organizations, I consider my each day worth a goal.


Keran-What would you like to say to the youth who wants to be a Miss Nepal and take you as their role model?

Sugarika-Success doesn’t come easily; it needs lot of dedication, positivity, hard work and passion. If I can be a Miss Nepal, everyone can be…a little bit of positivity in you can make a huge difference in your life. Try for the best and prepare for the worst.


Keran-What is the most important to be Miss Nepal?

Sugarika-Confident and positive mind can represent everything so confidence and positivity is very important along with smartness, presence of mind and attractiveness.


Keran-Do you consider yourself to be a giver or taker, why?

Sugarika-I don’t know what measures giver or taker???? So I exactly don’t know where to put myself in……but yes I do care about people around me and try helping them out if it’s up to my limit.

Keran-What is the biggest challenge to young people of Nepal today?

Sugarika-The political instability of Nepal has directed most of the youths towards frustration and disappointment in various fields. In such a situation, creating a niche for themselves with tranquility, patience and buoyancy are the biggest challenges for every Nepali youth. And good news is that we still are hopeful towards the good future of Nepal.

Keran-What bothers you the most about what is happening in our country today?

Sugarika-Political problems, youth frustration, education system, bad governance, corruption, violence etc etc………but I am sure; we people can change it….a little bit of hope and patriotism is needed.


Keran-What do you think about culture activities in Nepal?


Sugarika-The cultural and traditional activities are making Nepal alive. It feels great to celebrate various festivals, attending rituals and traditions of various culture, creed and religion with respect towards each other. Cultural activities are the only means through which people get close to each other and create a strong bond of friendship and togetherness.


Keran-If you could be on the cover of any magazine which would you choose and why?

Sugarika-Such a magazine which could represent young mind, juvenile heart and substantial issues………..now please suggest me the magazines hai….hahahaha


Keran-Could you tell us more about yourself and what are you doing currently?

Sugarika-Currently I am busy with my studies; I am pursuing Masters Degree in Environmental Science. Apart from my studies, I am freelancing in health and environmental projects, attending various social initiations etc. I feel energized every time I work with youths, so there are various projects related to youths where I am working with……

Keran-Now switching on to your love life arrange marriage or love marriage, why?

Sugarika-For me, marriage is a beginning of a new world, which can be built by love, support and understanding…… If the union of two souls embraces love, support and understanding, I don’t mind both the types of marriage.

Keran-what are the criteria you are looking in your man?

Sugarika-I don’t think I would get any man if I started hunting one with all the best qualities and perfection…..hahaha…..but I definitely look forward for such a man who knows his self worth and understands me……and yes loves me like anything!!!!!!!!!!!

Keran-At last want to say to our viewers of bagaicha.com and fans of Hong Kong?

Sugarika-My best wishes to bagaicha.com…..actually I loved the name bagaicha…..May bagaichha.com can unite all the Nepalese as a garden does with the flowers……..My sincere gratitude to all the viewers for going through the interview. A huge remembrance and love to all HONGKONG BASI NEPALI……………JAY NEPAL.


Interviewed by Keran Limbu for www.bagaicha.com

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