The political instability in Nepal is what bothers me the most. The current situation in our country is driving away a lot of our youths who always have excuses to stay out of the country. I wish all our leaders wouldn’t fight over power and utilize all their energy in trying to develop our country. Once the political situation stabilizes, every aspect of Nepal will thrive and so will the citizens. - Subani Moktan

Subani Moktan
Born in to a Very famous Musical family, Her parents Mr Sila Bahadur Moktan And Mrs Kunti Moktan has been giving us good music and songs for 2 decades. Subani Moktan a young and dynamic immensely talented singer, composer, song writer reached towards the success at the very young age together with her sister shital. She loves media and has worked as Rj and Vj both, she say if not music she would like to be top business women. Her own words on line with keran limbu exclusively for

Keran-You belong to a very famous musical family background, was it easy for you to get established and acknowledge in this industry?


Subani-Well, I would be lying if I said it wasn’t easy for me to get into the musical scenario. While some new artists have to struggle to find decent songs or composers or recording studios, it was very easy for me to overcome all those difficulties. Having said that, let me tell you that it hasn’t been easy altogether. While new artists are compared to other new artists, me and my sister are almost always compared to our mom who has been in the music field for more than 2 decades and the comparison isn’t fair at all, but we’ve been forced to live with that. But still I feel privileged to have been born into such a great family where I learned to sing and to realize that I was born for it.


Keran-Did you choose to become singer because your family is into it or you are passionate about it?


Subani- There’s nothing else that I am more passionate about than singing. Music runs in my veins, I would die if I would have to give up music. My family definitely introduced me to music, to sing and to learn to create and love music, but they would never force me into doing something that I didn’t love. If I had, by any chance, let them know that I wasn’t into music, they wouldn’t have coerced me into it. My family is one of the most supportive people that I have known; they’ve never stopped me from following my own dreams. I’ve been blessed to have this family, but I think I would still be a singer if I didn’t come from a musical background.


Keran-If not singer what would you like to be as?


Subani- Emmmm… I’ve always been fascinated by the media. I’ve worked both as an R.J. and a V.J. and that is something that I enjoy doing. I have a strong admiration for top business women too, so maybe I would want to follow their steps and become an entrepreneur myself. But I haven’t really thought of giving up singing, so I haven’t thought of alternatives as of now.


Keran-Can you let us know which was your first song you learned and in what age?


Subani-The first song I remember singing was one that actually helped me win my first award. I was studying in class 1 and there was this all-Nepal solo singing competition where I secured the first place which is an achievement that I feel proud of even now. The song was called “ akha ni hamra akha haina” . The shield I was given after the competition still adds life to my mantelpiece and inspires me to keep singing with everything that I am.


Keran-What are you doing currently and any recent achievement?


Subani-Right now, I’m working on me and my sister’s third album. This time around I’ve done all the compositions for the songs myself and have tried my hands at writing too. My dad has taught me and my sister both on how to arrange music and this time we’ve arranged the songs ourselves too. The recording for this album is going on right now which is keeping me pretty occupied these days. I’m working really hard for the album; I hope it comes out just fine.


Keran-You started your career with your sis together, have you ever decided to go solo or you are already into it?


Subani-I don’t really have plans for the future. I just take each day as it comes so I haven’t come up with a concrete plan as of yet. I don’t know if I will ever go solo or if we will both go our separate ways but I do know that we will both be singing as long as we both shall live. I have done some solo projects though and the album that we’re working on will have 3 solo songs each.


Keran-How important is classical base in singing, do you think singer in Nepal they got the base?


Subani-I feel that it is extremely important for a singer to have a classical base. Learning classical music gives the singers a kind of strong foundation which supports them throughout their musical journey. A lot of Nepalese singers do have classical base which is a very positive point for them. I and Shital are also both classically trained which has helped us a lot. My advice to any new comer who wants to go commercial with music is to get trained in classical music.


Keran-Do you play any musical instrument, if so which of your song you want to play?


Subani-My dad taught me how to play the piano ever since I was a kid and I am still learning with my Japanese teacher who introduces me to newer genres every lesson. I also had the privilege of learning the guitars with Phiroj Syangden of 1974 A.D. To this date, I haven’t given up both of the instruments and I still do play them. Like I said earlier, I arrange most of my songs myself so the knowledge of these instruments helps me a lot.


Keran-You are single what kind of partner you are looking for Do they need to be from musical background?


Subani-I haven’t really thought about that right now. I don’t really know the traits that I would look for in a partner. So I’m thinking, on the day I find that special someone, I’ll just know. But as for your question, they don’t necessarily have to be from the musical background but yeah if we could share the same grounds on music then it wouldn’t be so bad.


Keran-How do you define love in your words?


Subani-I think love is trust. Trusting someone to the extent of handing over yourself completely on the other’s sake is love believing that you will be safe still is love.


Keran-How important role is in music video to make the album success in Nepal?


Subani-Based on present circumstances, it is extremely important for singers to release their own music videos which are why the videos in Nepal have standardized themselves over time and there is a lot of competition amongst the directors. But it is hard for artists with limited resources to manage a music video; hence it would be very beneficial for the artists if the listeners today weren’t so video-oriented. After all, music is for listening, not for viewing.


Keran-Being a youth what bothers you the most, what is happening in our country?


Subani-The political instability in Nepal is what bothers me the most. The current situation in our country is driving away a lot of our youths who always have excuses to stay out of the country. I wish all our leaders wouldn’t fight over power and utilize all their energy in trying to develop our country. Once the political situation stabilizes, every aspect of Nepal will thrive and so will the citizens.


Keran-At last want to say something to your fans out there and the viewers of


Subani-Well I would just like them to appreciate Nepali music and the Nepali musician all over and thank you for giving me opportunity to share with fans of Hong Kong.


Interviewed by Keran Limbu for


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 asu magar from Nepal says on 12 February 2010
u r big fan

 sumnima rai from North Korea says on 02 November 2009
Good job keran...its really good to know so much about the Artist of Nepal..and love the way you make them express themshlef..thank you and

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