Expressing my personal thought and belief in whatever I’ve done and accomplishing all my task makes me proud..... - Sonam Pakhrin

Sonam Pakhrin
A well known television personality leaves these industry, after working 8 long years, leaving his entire fans in sock. Currently he is busy recording and spending most of the time in studio for his new album “One more time” and directing music videos and taking vocal classes, He says that he wants to deliver quality music and variation in his new upcoming album. Let us all wish him good luck and may his album hit the chart, let’s hear what Sonam himself has to say about his album “One more time” with Keran Limbu exclusively for

Keran-Hello Sonam how you been doing lately?

Nothing interesting going on these days, busy with my same usual works, and spending lots of times in studio recording songs, for my new album "1 more time".


Keran-What’s the reason behind leaving the television industries, after working for long 8 years?

Doing same thing for past 8years every day, facing and talking in front of camera was killing me, wanted some changes and refreshments, so thought of taking a break to give my brain and body a rest, for a while, so I took a break for couple of months, but one can't always relax, so back to my track now, started directing music videos and I hope soon you’ll see me on idiot box too.

Keran-Currently looking at your updates, you are busy with your 2nd album “One more time”, what it is all about?

I have a habit of saying 1 more time Sonam is back on the show, so it’s kind of like my favorite line and second thing after 2years 1 more time am back with my second album and last but not the least, one more time audience will get a chance to listen ma songs…….


Keran-What are your songs about, in your upcoming album “One more time”?

it's all about songs which are close to my heart this time ,I have taken some good songs which even I love and enjoy to sing when I am free…songs which will definitely touch people's heart…songs which will make them dance…songs which will make them emotional…one can  get everything in this album.


Keran-How important you think one should be versatile and need variation in your songs to stay for long run?'

If you have really taken music industries seriously and carrier wise, Versatility and variation are must, because one should have good sense of knowledge about music and what the crowd requires, so that you can do so many things with the song and audience won't get bored with same kind of songs in whole album, that’s the reason why? I have started taking vocal classes, so I can give variations in my songs and new album one more time.


Keran-One pacific song from your new album, that you are satisfied with it and why?

I am satisfied with all my songs, as I always say songs from my album are like ma babies, so can't just choose one. But one song which will come soon through music video is "Suna Ra Chandi"; I am hoping and praying this song will hit the market…….


Keran-When are you planning to release your album and under which company?

I am planning to release by end of July, but let's see, about company, there is a saying in Nepali,(junai jogi ayo bhane pani kaanai chireko),like Yogeshwor Dai has said, music companies are vampires ha ..hahha..haha .I might register my own company in future, let’s hope for the best.


Keran-How supportive and helpful are the musical companies in Nepal?

Supportive and helpful...ha...ha…ha, don't sync with music company’s , I think defective and shameful, sorry music company’s owners you guys don't deserve better words…ha…ha…haa.


Keran-Recently you directed a documentary “A day in katja”, for foreign project, how was your experience?

I just have no words to describe about my experience making this documentary, “A day in katja” "this documentary is close to my heart, may be because of the kids with whom I spent 24 hrs, one full day, I always love kids and it was a good learning experience, I have done many music videos but documentary was something new and different to me, but I did it, and hope people who watched they loved it too.


Keran-What’s the difference between directing music video and a documentary?

Its two different things, directing music videos is something fully dramatic, unreal and unnatural smile unreal unnatural romance, everything fake, but as for documentary, it’s all about reality and natural stuffs.


Keran-What would you be most proud of after coming back home from work?

I always try to do good things, when I walk away from my room every day, I teach and learn, I try as much as possible that I don't waste my day, so expressing my personal thought and belief in whatever I’ve done and accomplishing all my task makes me proud.


Keran-Let’s change topics, what word would your friends use to describe you?

There are lots of words that my friends use to describe me, among few they are funny, unromantic, nakkale and a friend that they will never get bored with.


Keran-What describes your sense of style?

I am a very choosy person about my attire, don’t know exactly, I just don’t go and pick whatever I see, I choose and wear  clothes which make me feel like yes I am comfortable and  looking good in this, which takes me time and my friends get frustrated and hate shopping with me…ha..ha..


Keran- Special question from most of your fans, the reason behind staying forever young and single?

Young…mmuuummm…may be because I don't consume alcohol or smoke cigarette, I don't devour those stuffs which are mentioned harmful, I prefer to  have healthy diet, I don’t eat much meat, drinks lots of juice and water and exercise, all this are the reason  I still don't look 32 at my age, what you  say ha…ha..About single, I always say, when You are single…life is easy for you to handle…and when you are double…life is full of trouble…ha..ha…ha.


Keran-Last words for our viewers of and all your fans out there?

For, thanks a lot for giving me this opportunity to put my words in front of my well wishers and for bagaicha’s viewers, always keep logging and love all the people who work hard. I always hate word fans. I love to call them my well wisher rather than fans, for my well wisher keep loving me as you have always do, listen my music and support music artist by buying original cds…love u all…peace.


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