To enter into TV world was little difficult and tough for me, looking distinct and making my name as a good media person, as there were guys who made their names already real big...... - Sonam Pakhrin

Sonam Pakhrin
He is a Vj, program producer, music video director, and a singer, a whole package of talent. Though his dream was to wear a green army dress and serve the country, the destiny has written something else for him…He started his career as a Vj from Nepal television 1 and later moved to Nepal 1 and became program producer and Vj. He has already released his début album and proved him shelf as a singer too. He is busy with his music video direction these days. His own words with keran limbu exclusively for

Keran-As a child, what did you want to be, when you grow up?

Sonam - My dad was in army, so seeing him in his army life style, I always wanted to wear those green dresses and serve my country, but things turned different then I have planned and thought.


Keran-How hard was it for you to settle and become who you are today?

Sonam - To enter into TV world was little difficult and tough for me, looking distinct and making my name as a good media person, as there were guys who made their names already real big. But things went fine, people appreciated my stupid sense of humor ha ha..ha..ha...and here I am today.


Keran-How and when you decided to become a VJ?

Sonam - I had never thought that I would become a VJ. As a college guy, i used to watch different TV shows and loved to be in TV but VJ....nooooooo way ...It just happened that Nepal Television made an announcement about requirement of fresh people and the next day I went into their office with my bio data ...ha..ha..


Keran-Which song of yours is close to your heart from your debut album?

Sonam - I love all my songs, all are very close to my heart but if I have to choose one of them, i would say my recently shot second video song Yestai Rahechha Bhagya...


Keran- The most embarrassing moment of yours (on air if possible)?

Sonam - Most embarrassing moment....hhhmmmm....not exactly embarrassing but once I colored my hair, and that looked really awkward in my face...haeheehha

I ran the show with that colored hair on and felt really odd to stand in front of the camera....I really can’t forget that day's show....


Keran-Do you still remember what was your first day at Nepal 1 was like?

Sonam - I started my television career from Nepal television 2 so it was not so hard for me to start new in Nepal 1 TV... it was just normal...but if you ask me about my first day in Nepal television 2 then i must say it was very tough and odd because i had a zero knowledge about TV world. I was a learner, but at the same time enjoyable too.


Keran-What advice do you have for people trying to become actors, musicians, hosts?

Sonam - Hahhhaha... can’t talk about actors ,coz i have no knowledge in acting, about music i have to say i am a learner. But about host, i must say before landing in front of camera you should have interest, determination, energy and talent…be an entertainer rather then VJ...


Keran-What’s the best/worst thing about being a VJ in Nepal?

Sonam - Best thing about being Vj is you get lots of love and respect from people... worst thing.... i must say it's money really not enough comparing to your talent...hahahaha.


Keran-Currently what are you up to?

Sonam - Directing some music videos. ..preparing for my new shows...and promoting my debut album once again.


Keran-What is your most memorable Nepal 1 moment?

Sonam - When I started this show called Hello Nepal with new look and style and

i was really thankful to my viewers that they really appreciated my work.


Keran-What makes a music video a good music video?

Sonam - Good song, good direction, good actors, good cameraman, good editor,

bottom line to be good.


Keran-How does Sonam Tamang wants to be recognized, as a singer, program producer, VJ or a music director?

Sonam - People appreciated my work as a program producer and a Vj so always love to recognized as VJ and program producer.


Keran-If you want to go on an ideal date where and who would it be?

Sonam - Anyplace with my darling girlfriend...hahaaaahahha


Keran-Lastly what do you have to say to our viewers of and your fans out there?

Sonam - Always log on to and keep appreciating their work and effort...

and to my fans... thank you very much for bearing me on TV and appreciating my work... so keep on bearing and keep loving my work.... I will continue entertaining you more in coming future and peace.


Interviewed by Keran Limbu for


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 krishna from India says on 18 October 2010
hi sonam its good to know more about you i am not a regular viewer of your show but when ever i am free i will not miss your show

 Pinju limbu from Hong Kong says on 11 September 2010
Sonam dai...i am a die hard fan of's good to know more about you from this interview..and more about you being a better human being with a good heart from my sis..i wish you good luck and all the best for all your up comming venture..Hope to see you soon.

 Sushila Limbu from Hong Kong says on 10 September 2010
Hi,Sonam good to know more about u,saw ur music vedio it's really good,keep up the good work..and I think I know and seen your darling of luck for ur upcomming.

 asa lama from Nepal says on 08 September 2010
hi bro!!!! its me ur sis

 Sangeeta from Nepal says on 07 July 2010
hello was so good to see your interview in am a regular vewiers of Hello Nepal too..but its very hard to get the the way who is your darling girlfriend....

 barbie from Hong Kong says on 05 July 2010
hi sonam, nice to read ur interview n knw more abt u.i enjoyed.say hi to ur darling galfren...

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