I believe both men and women are good in equal ways. We are all designed to work hand in hand and be a part of each others lives... - Sarah Gurung

Sarah Gurung
She is Former Miss Nepal 1st runner up in 2005, bit sensitive and emotional, but down to earth person. who loves to help kids and needy people, she is working as an ambassador for the Cancer Relief Society and last year she visited Nepal and participated with medical trek, currently leaving in west coast, California with her husband and pursuing her associated degree and planning on getting her dental assisting certification, says she has just come back from her fashion show from Texas, her own few words with me, exclusively for bagaicha.com.

Keran-Could you please share your experience when you were crowning the 1st Runner up Miss Nepal 2005?

Well to be really honest, I wasn’t expecting to win at all. After the month training, every girl was groomed and polished from head to toe. No one seemed better than the other. When the pageant day came, I had butterflies in my tummy and it was annoying. I was getting nervous as it was getting closer and closer. When we had the grand opening…..I was contestant no 1. Walking down the stage and hearing the audience applaud, I had this adrenaline rush through my body. I wasn’t scared anymore and felt pretty confident. I wanted to represent who I was and do my best to win the crown. When they announced my name, I was so happy and excited, just so emotional...one of my happiest days and I will never forget it.


Keran-What do you expect to gain by participating in pageant? Why?

I didn’t really know going in what I expected. I was more pressured I guess. But as I went through it, I started to have a stronger love and feeling of pride for my country and culture. It gave me a new passion for who I was and the place I call home and a connection that can never be taken away.


Keran- tell us about your goal, which you have accomplished after wining the title?

I have always wanted to help kids and basically just all needy people. Winning the crown, it was great to be an ambassador for the Cancer Relief Society and volunteer with them, but my dream really came true when I participated last year in the medical trek that brought me back to Nepal. Coming back with doctors and medical supplies and being able to trek to see remote villagers and children felt so rewarding and is something I‘ll never forget!


Keran-Who is your role model? And what is your defination of success?

I guess it would be my grandma. She is an amazing person and I just love her so much. She has gone through a lot in her life and she still keeps going on strong for all of us. She taught me so many good things and one thing I clearly remember is the value of family. Taking care of a family is not an easy job but I can always look back on the sacrifices and love of my grandma and all the lessons she taught me.
I define success as one who has a family that he or she can be proud of. Who can complain about a happy home with a pefect family?


Keran-tell me something about yourself?

I am a very down to earth person. I like treating everyone equally and I love to help. I am very sensitive and emotional about certain things, like I cannot see an old person working or an orphan kid crying for food or some animals in pain……..it just tears me apart. I love to dance, I like interior designing…and I love watching sports with my hubby. Cooking has always been my hobby too and I love doing it for my family.


Keran-You are married to Sky Testuski and moved to America, how hard was it for you to get adapt in different country with different culture people?

 Culture wise, America is a crazy place! Its so diverse here and every one has their own culture and tradition or style. Although my husband was born here in America, his parents were born in Japan so he was raised more in that culture. Because of that, inside my home it wasn't too difficult to adjust because Japanese and Nepali cultures have many similarities. Outside of the home, it took me a while to get comfortable with certain things but my husband always reminds me just to stay confident. He shows me to believe in myself and just deal with people sincerely. That doesn’t help me on these speedy highways though!

Keran-Did it effect in your career after getting married in early age,at pick of your Career time?

While I loved the experience, media in Nepal wasn’t developed so much that we could totally depend on the income. It is definitely progressing more from where I had left and its still getting better. I do miss working and realize I had got married at the very peak of my career but being married to a person who loves unconditionally, supports, trusts, cares, works so hard and gives me confidence to make anything possible.......is the best feeling ever. Family is very important for me and that’s really all i could ask for. He still supports me for my media work and if I get good opportunities, I’ll give it a shot. When I go back to Nepal I do as much as I can fit in my schedule. So friends and fans, you will definitely see more of me.


Keran-If Sarah Gurung was to rule the world in 2050, how different would the world be?

Well as much as I’d love the post, I sure hope that the world won’t be ruled by just one person! If it was though and I was actually chosen for the position, I think the world would turn out to be a very different place where people everywhere were going out and chasing their dreams. Why not…I mean, if I could become ruler of the world, you should be able to be something pretty great too!


Keran-Which quality of women gives them an edge over men?

I believe both men and women are good in equal ways. We are all designed to work hand in hand and be a part of each others lives. Where one falls, the other one is there to support


Keran-Being abroad what do you miss the most from home?

Obviously my family and friends the most…but even simple things like going up to my house terrace, the smell of the air, the hills, everything. Aww and all the authentic local foods and snacks. I miss it all the time.


Keran-Your favorites hang out place with your hubby and how would you like to spend?

Honestly, I really just enjoy spending time at home. I love to hangout with my hubby, playing games, watching tv, watching sports, and movies…… we both are like two big kids so in love but mischief at the same time.


Keran-What are you up to currently, and any upcoming?

I just had a fashion show in Texas. I have been working on and off but currently am pursuing my associates degree and am planning on getting my dental assisting certification. Besides all, being a good wife and taking care of my hubby.


Keran-Last few words that you would like to say to our viewers of bagaicha.com and   your fans out there?

thank you very much keran dee for giving me this opportunity to express myself in bagaich.com and to my friends and fans out there, thank you very much for supporting me in what I do and your support is one of my strengths so please don’t ever stop. My love to all.


Interviewed by Keran Limbu for www.bagaicha.com

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 samrac grg from Hong Kong says on 27 October 2010
SARAH>>D ...I wish i could meet u..one day..

 Complainer from Nepal says on 27 October 2010

 sunil thapa from Nepal says on 27 October 2010
hi keran nice n simple interview,n was sarah organising the fashion show or did she take part as an modle at the fashion show any ways cheer 2 sarah keep it up regards.....

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