He says that “yes” he is back once more with new musical creations and he is ready to deliver good rhythm and strong composition... - Sanjeev Singh

Sanjeev Singh
He needs no introduction; he is one of the most renowned and soulful pop singers on musical scene in Nepal. He has given us many soul touching songs such as “Chulesima”,”Meri Maya”,“Ramailo Cha Yo Sanjh” and many more. Due to personal reasons, he went abroad, leaving Nepal. Nepali music and his fans shocked. But fortunately his passion music has brought him back once again. He says that “yes” he is back once more with new musical creations and he is ready to deliver good rhythm, strong composition and that he wants to take the Nepali music scenario onto a different level. Sanjeev Singh in his own words with Keran Limbu exclusively for bagaicha.com

Keran-Could you please tell us something about your musical background?

I started my career as a bar singer at the tender age of 14. I used to sing along with senior bands like Rodi and Mr. Madan Singh Nepali in five star hotels. I spent my child hood In my mama ghar (Grandparents’ House), learning music with my uncles, who were senior musicians in Nepal.


Keran- What’s the reason behind leaving Nepal and its music scene?

 I had to leave Nepal and my Nepali music for some personal and private reasons...


Keran-Having said “No, never again” to the music scene, what made you come back again?

I quit music for six years and was busy sorting out family problems but my friends and family forced me to come back again. My passion for music kept me composing songs, when I was in England, Then I realized music was still my passion and I could not live without it. So I decided to come back.


Keran-Sanjeev Singh, Is he really back for good?

Yes…. I am, and ready to take Nepalese music to a different level.


Keran-How was the response from your fans, since you come back after such a long time?

They were all happy to see me back in the business once again. I received lots of

 e-mails and good responses from them. Their support is my strength and it has helped   me deliver good music again. Thank you all.


Keran-What differences have you found, then and now in the musical scene of Nepal?

There is a vast difference between then and now. Technology has become much more advances .and I can see more talented singers emerging in the Nepalese music industry...but the saddest part, is that we still don’t know how we can stop piracy.


Keran-What did you miss the most from Nepal when you were in England and what are you missing now from there?

The most I missed about Nepal when I was in England was Nepalese food, Nepali music, friends and the crowd … Ee..he..he,  now what I miss from there is the friends and the town Reading, where I spent my six years. And of course football..!!!!


Keran-Could you please tell us something about your upcoming new album “Muglan”?

“Muglan” is my sixth album and it took me four years to make it. Its all about typical and melodious music, with fusion of jazz, rock and folk tunes, all the songs were recorded in Central London,.


Keran- Any interesting reason behind the title “Muglan”?

“Muglan” is about the Nepalese lahurey (Army), and it’s dedicated to them. You’ll see the video of this track soon.


Keran-Can you share your experiences and the responses you have received regarding your recently released music video “Subash Timro”?

About “Subash Timro”. It was a rewarding experience working with Sachin, Pretti Subba ,Tushar Patel and  Pranay. Sachin. I was forced to act in this video and, as you all know, I am really bad as an actor. Anyway, I tried my best and the result came out good. The responses to both the song and the video have been good, apart from my poor acting…poor me.. hehehe.


Keran-Being a composer yourself, what inspires you to explore your creativity?

Really not sure about what inspires me, but when I hold the guitar and start playing, it comes out automatically from my heart and soul.


Keran-You have mostly sung melodic and romantic songs, how romantic are you in real life?

He..he..he…., how romantic? Don’t know about that, but if I had a girl friend I could maybe have an answer but, unfortunately, I currently have no-one…….


Keran-Last words for the viewers of bagaicha.com and the youth out there who take you as an inspiration in pop music?

Thank you all for supporting my music. Thanks to bagaicha.com ,and please buy and listen only all Nepalese original Cd's not fakes ,It will help us to survive and please do stop piracy. Your payments will go to those who make the music and not those who steal it. Thank you all and gods bless...chupppaaaaaaa.


Interviewed by keran limbu exclusively for bagiqacha.com

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