Yes, many positive changes are taking place in our industry. More educated and technically qualified people have been coming and already are in the industry.... - Samyam Puri

Samyam Puri
A young, dynamic and immensely talented actor is our guest today. He is the son of renowned movie director Mr. Narayan Puri. He started his career as a child artist in his father’s movie “Aago”. Up until now he has done fourteen movies, a few commercials and three TV serials and recently returned, after a long break, in the movie ”Saayad” which is directed by Suraj Subba. He says he is a simple guy who is interested in directing, cinematography, and photography. Let’s hear more about what he has to say with Keran Limbu, exclusively for

Keran- Hello Samyam, tell me something about yourself and your family background?

I was born in Kathmandu on 28th March, 1993. My mother's name is Urmila Puri and my father's name is Narayan Puri. I have a younger sister and brother who are 15 and 10 years old respectively. My mother runs a Co-Operative that’s basically targeted for woman, and also helps under-privileged woman in our society. My father is a director in the Nepali movie industry and currently works as CEO in Himalaya Television. I am now 19 years old and about to finish my 12th. My further educational plan is, in fact, a dilemma because I'm still not sure what exactly I want to get myself involved in. But my interests include Media, Law, Psychology and Foreign Diplomacy/Political Science.

Keran- Until now how many movies have you done and can you name few?

 I've acted in fourteen movies, a few commercial ads and three television serials. My first movie was 'Aago' directed by my father. Some of my other movies include 'Aafno Manche', 'Doman', 'Aafno Ghar Aafnai Manche', 'Mero Hajur', 'Kartavya', 'Maan Mero Mandaina', 'Hami Teen Bhai', 'Dharmaputra' and 'Alpaviram' . Recently I've finished a movie named 'Saayad' after a long break.

Keran-As you started as a child artist, do you remember your first script and how did you feel about being in front of a camera?
I was very nervous on my first day of the shooting. The movie was 'Aago', and my father was the director. I guess I was around 7 years old then. I'm not sure of the dialogue in my first scene. I guess the dialogue was 'Mummy, oo, Mama aaunu vayo'. (Haha..)

Keran-How do you prepare yourself for your roles? By that I mean physically and mentally?
During my childhood shooting days I used to do as the directors wanted, but now I've learned a lot more (and am still learning) about what exactly is needed to be a successful actor. I study my role first and then work on the character.

Keran-Being an actor, what aspects of the acting career attract you the most?
When I am in front of the camera, getting into a character and forgetting myself for a while is different kind of thrill for me, something that gives me a kick. And yes, of course, when you get appreciated for your passion and people start knowing you (and become a little famous), it’s a great feeling.

Keran-What character would you most like to play?

Jonny Depp in Blow or Ranvir Kapoor in Rockstar.

keran- Recently you have a newly released movie “Saayad”, which was directed by Suraj Subba. What was it like working with him?
Suraj Subba uncle is a great person. He is a great visionary and someone who has a wonderful knowledge about the Nepali cinema industry in all its aspects. It was a great experience and a pleasure working with him. He never forced us to recite dialogue; instead he used to encourage all the artists to interact and feel comfortable and relaxed. He really has that ability to bring out the best inner capabilities of an actor.

Kean-What’s your character in the movie; can you tell me something about the role?

I play the part of a +2 student who is into drugs. The movie is basically about two generations and I play the part of the younger generation. My character's name in the movie is 'Yhodin'.

Keran-Being part of the new generation in the movie industry, have you seen any changes compared to the old days?
Yes, many positive changes are taking place in our industry. More educated and technically qualified people have been coming and already are in the industry. Many fine and talented actors are also making a good impression with audiences and the business in general. It must be said that change is not possible overnight, but changes are definitely taking place and, as we all can see compared to previous days, better movies are now being produced

Keran-What are the key elements required to improve Nepali movies so people won’t hesitate to buy tickets and go to see movie in cinemas?
First of all, the technical aspects of the way the story is presented should be slick. Then the story itself should be strong and well written. The production and direction should be well carried by all involved in making the story a reality. Fresh and innovative stories should be presented which will entertain and provide some meaningful message audiences. They are not so foolish that they won’t recognize an old rehash. Originality is a must.

Keran- Can you share with me some of your upcoming projects?

I'm working more in the technical side rather than acting at the moment. Recently, I have worked as a cinematographer in some documentaries, TVC and short movies. I am also working as Co-Director in the movie 'A for America'.

Keran- How do you describe yourself in few words? And where would you see yourself in coming five years time?
I'm just a simple guy around town who loves the company of his friends. I am completely interested in directing and in cinematography/photography. I love music and listen to every genre. Five years from now, I will be still directing for sure, with some new team, new concepts and better quality. That's what I hope for now, but who knows what's going to happen in coming 5 years. (haha)


Keran-How do you spend your spare times when you are not filming?
When there is free time, friendships are my priority. I just love to travel around with my friends and get lost into everyday life. I don't travel very far but just go around locally and enjoy the environment around my home in a suburban residential area.

Keran-What do you miss the most being now a famous public figure at such a very young age?
Privacy is the only thing I miss. (Ha...ha)

Keran-A final few words to our viewers of and your fans out there?
I would like to thank for letting me share some of my views and some of my personal and daily life details. I would like to appeal to everyone out there to support our country and our Nepali movie industry. Changes are definitely taking place for the better. It’s just a matter of time. Everything is on track to get better soon and each and every one of you will be proud of our country and our industry. But we cannot achieve this without your support. That is absolute vital. Thank you for always being there and I hope that we will always get your love and support.


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