It is music that has made me what I am today and I will be ever grateful to it. But at present, the music industry is being affected by piracy.... - Raju Lama

Raju Lama
Raju Lama needs no introduction, His charming face and his beautiful and touching lyrics mesmerize lots of ladies fans in nation and out side. He was currently busy with his shows and albums and feels very proud to represent Nepal when Dalai Lama bestowed a dhaka topi on him while performing in front of Richard Gere, among many other known figures. Though with his busy schedule, he still managed to share a few words with me on his way back home to Nepal from America as a solo artist and a singer of Mongolian Heart with completely new band members. His own words with Keran Limbu exclusively for

Keran- Raju lama is recognized as a band member of Mongolian Heart, Does this band still exist?

Raju Lama is recognized as the singer of Mongolian Heart as well as an individual artist, which is pretty rare in the case of other bands. Our band, Mongolian Heart still does exist but with a completely new line up as the old members split in 2007. After the new formation, we have gone on tours to different parts of Nepal, Sikkim and Darjeeling. A new album, Raju lama Mongolian Heart Volume 5 was released last September 2009 and it has been doing well in the market. We have received a lot of good feedback and appreciation for it.


Keran- How true is it that you left Nepal for good?

This is a misunderstanding and a misinterpretation, which has been in the news for no apparent reason.  I have not left Nepal for good. I still have my family, my house and my friends in Nepal. My life is such that I spend a couple of months in Nepal, and a couple of months abroad doing tours and concerts. I have always been traveling ever since my early singing days.


Keran-What’s the reason behind leaving Nepal?

As mentioned above, I have never left Nepal for good.  It is just that I don’t get to spend more time there. I am currently based in New York but most of the time I'm traveling around the world for my concerts. I am a Nepali, and wherever I go, I shall always represent my country. Also, creation has no boundary. I could live in Mount Everest or HK or US or any part of the world but I will still be creating music. So, what I believe is that we should change our attitude and ways of thinking. Music is my passion, and something I have worked very hard for.  I shall always continue my music wherever I live. Only recently, I completed my North American tour. I am proud to share our Nepali music around the world and represent Nepal and the Nepali people. I try to relay the message of brotherhood, peace, harmony and friendship through my Music.


Keran- You are living in America now, what do you miss the most from Nepal?

I don't find much difference between back home and here but since I live by myself, I miss my family.


Keran-Do you get the same amount of respect and fan fallowing in America?

Yes I do get the same amount of respect and fan following in America. I'm happy that my fans around the world love me. Thank you everyone for your undying love and support.


Keran-Were you satisfied with the music industry of Nepal back then?
 It is music that has made me what I am today and I will be ever grateful to it.  But at present, the music industry is being affected by piracy. This is a global problem and I want to request all music lovers to kill piracy and keep Nepali music alive.


Keran- Let me change the topic, Raju Lama is single, committed, married?

Raju Lama is committed.


Keran-You had been to Hong Kong recently on October for your show, the reason behind leaving in one night?

I was recently in HK for a concert but unfortunately I had to leave the very next day as I had a prior commitment elsewhere. Next time I am here, I would love to stay a little longer. I had fun during the concert. I started my first tour from HK in 1998. From the very beginning, HK fans have always been supportive. Thank you to the people of Hong Kong for your love and support.


Keran-You had been to Nepal recently after a long gap, how was the experience and the response from the music industry and your fan fallowing?

Well, I was away from Nepal for a while and when I returned home, the response was awesome. I had solo concert in Dang, Dharan, Kathmandu (Jawalakhel), Sikkim and Darjeeling. I was overwhelmed to see all the venues filled with thousands of people. And I would like to thank all the media, fans, family and well wishers who supported me and yes of course my new band members. Since then I have been going back and forth.


Keran- Raju lama has a huge female fan fallowing, what’s the reason behind?

First of all, I am honored to have them as my fans.  I highly appreciate their support and good wishes. Well regarding the reason, I guess its music, lyrics, songs; it can be anything. A number of my fans, both male and female have written to me on how they can relate to my songs. And as always, it feels nice to hear from them.

Keran-You've been to Hong Kong many times, how your experience was each time you come back?

As I said earlier, I had my first concert in HK. HK and the people of HK will always hold a special place in my heart.  I have come to HK a number of times that I have stopped counting but every time I find the audience very energetic, sweet, warm and loving. And I never get tired of coming to HK. Thank you HK for being there for me, loving my music and keeping our Nepali music alive.


Keran- Last words to share something to our viewers of and your fans?

Thank you I am happy to reach out to my fans and I would like to thank them all.I have had your love and support for the past 15 years and I wish for this bond to continue.



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 Sabina Lama from Nepal says on 16 July 2016
Raju Lama has always been my favourite.. thanks for this interview

 Hangma Limbuni from Hong Kong says on 09 July 2010
I red entire line and would like to say sthing over here.Im a gal and yes im his great great fan , I like his sweet voice(all songs covered by his voice), songs and cute cute smile too heehhe.But in my point of view there shouldn't need any gender to be a fan of anyone,(I mean Fan might be he or she or he/she anyone).THerefore we have a to appriciate/admired/support and encourage to our Icon/Ideal/celebrity one in each and every steps whenever they need us and only after relation between and them(Icon/Ideal/Celebrity with Fan)would be good and healthier... Last but not the list thing is we all (fan)should understand why we liking our Ideal/Icon/Celebrities and then you will realise yourself and understand the value of your Ideal/Icon one. Many thanks. Hangma

 Hangma Limbuni from Hong Kong says on 09 July 2010
First of all thanks to Keran Ji. ANd I hve seen most most watched intervew is Raju Lama's but no one drop a sigle commts so far anyway thanks to all so tht I got chance to become first one hehe!

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Sabina Lama
Raju Lama has always been my favourite.. thanks for this interview
bhim limbu
i was so glad to Bagaicha models and music, because i m interesting this site,
vishu will u be my valentine?????
Ankita Mangla
Its been alwz fun to have sushant around. Congrats dear....proud of u... n all the best. M sure u gonna rock. Cheers... !!!