Not all, but most pop singers these days are less concerned about the quality of the singing and more focused on unusual sounding pronunciation and bizarre looks. - Om Bikram Bista

Om Bikram Bista
I grew up listening to his songs like “Ma maunta ma” and Yaad Gara T Din haru”,Now it’s my privilege to interview Mr. Om Bikram Bista. He has given us numerous,tremendous songs for the past 33years,at a time when Nepali music scenario was so dominated by the traditional style. He led Nepali music to different and further chapter. He definitely deserves to be titled as “Pop King” of Nepal. He has received excess of both international and national awards, including Chinna Lata Puraskar from King Mahendra, 2002 Millennium award from late king Dipendra and Golden Kite Award in Malaysia. He has widely travelled and has performed in countries such as Japan. Australia, Hong Kong, England and many others,his contribution towards Nepali pop music shall be cherished forever. And now, his own words with me Keran Limbu exclusively for

Keran-Do you belong to the musical family?

Well, as you know my dad, Mr. Daulat Bikram Bista was a renowned literary figure in Nepal. So, there was a literary environment in my family. But, my parents as well as my siblings also had a great fervour and penchant for music.


Keran-How do you define music in your life?

Well, music is everything to me. It is more than even a best friend to me that always gave me a companion throughout my life.  What is moon to others is music to me. What is flower to others is music to me. I find in music what I don't find in this world. I smile with music, I cry with music. Sometimes, I feel as if music is my beloved.


Keran-You had been in this industry for more than thirty-three years. What difference have you found in the way of thinking between the past time and the present time towards professionalism?

In early days, music was a fervour aside the main thing people would do for their living. Getting involved in music was not financially rewarding as it is today. In addition, recording technology now is substantially differing from that in the past. I have eye-witnessed and experienced many different kinds of recording technologies.  Above all, singers in early days were more practiced and had a greater love for music unlike those today, though there are some exceptions. Only the gifted singers could sing. Nowadays, the technology that I call a “Copy and Paste” system has made it easy to sing. Consequently, singing doesn't sound natural.


Keran-As far as I know, you are the first pop singer who introduced Pop Music to Nepal. How much of a struggle did you face in doing that?

Obviously, the kind of music I composed and the way I sang at that time was quite new and outlandish and thus my songs were viewed with contempt and scorn by the traditionalist of that time.  I was even blamed for being an iconoclast, distorting the music. But, I was born to sing differently instead and, eventually, people later understood and appreciated.


Keran-Are you satisfied with the current pop music in Nepal?

I would say both yes and no. Yes, in the sense that pop music is getting more popular. And the recording technology is good today. And no, in the sense that, not all, but most pop singers these days are less concerned about the quality of the singing and more focused on unusual sounding pronunciation and bizarre looks.


Keran-Tell us about your super hit song, “Ma mauntama".  Who or what inspired this song?

Well, this song was originally composed and written by Robert Subba. Its lyrics originally were incomplete and Puru Thapa completed the lyrics. When I first listened to it. I liked it very much. And later, Subarna Limbu and I improvised it and we recorded it.


Keran- Nowadays there are number of pop singers coming up. Who do you think are the most promising?

Well, there are some good singers in existence. Some, for instance, Nabin K Bhattarai, Sabin Rai, Deepak Bajracharya, Sugam Pokhrel, are noticeably good.  Among the newcomers, I like Hemant Rana and Shreya Sotang.


Keran-Let us know something about your upcoming projects?

Well, Currently I am involved in the preparation of my album “Flora”, which is a tribute to my late wife Flora. When it comes to my upcoming projects, I am planning to work for another solo album with lyricist Bijay Shivakotee. Moreover, I am also planning to do remakes of some of my old hits like “Yaad gara tee dinharu”, “Mero yaad aajhai” and “Ma samjhanthe”.


Keran-Recently, you have released your new music video, how was it received?

Well, the response is quite gratifying. I have been hearing positive comments about this video. And I feel really good that I have so many listeners and viewers loving me.


Keran-Have you been to HK, what you have to say to this city and the Nepalese people who live here?

Well, I have been to HK nine times for musical performances.  I really love this place. What I like most about HK is the love and hospitality of Nepalese residing in HK especially the Nepalese artists. I feel emotional when I remember my previous trips to HK. I get overwhelming love from the Nepalese in HK.


Keran-What are the three things that you would like to changes in the music industry of Nepal?

Well, I would like to bring these three following developments.

Standardization of composition lyrics, and singing/, it sounds so disgusting when singers mispronounce Nepalese words, the elimination of piracy and the structuring of the collection and distribution of royalties to be fair and effective


Keran-Being a senior artist, what suggestion would you like to give to the upcoming generation who want to enter the music business?

First of all, I would like to wish them all the best.  Then I suggest that they practice a lot from their heart, be loyal to music lifelong, and try to stand out from the rest. I mean come with a signature voice with unique style.


Keran- Finally, any thoughts to share with the viewers of, and your fans out there?

First of all, thanks a lot for presenting me in To my fans, I would like to say. I sing for you, so please listen to me.


 Interviewed by keran limbu exclusively for

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