Yeah directly or indirectly from some angle its also related with the situation of the country so..... - Nitin Thapa

Nitin Thapa
Music,it has always been his great passion since his schooldays. Entered into music as a guitarist and was on stage with a band when he was in class eight,formed a band "CRYSTAL”, with his school mates after SLC and become a front man and performed on stage and in different pubs and Restaurant. Release his first album in 2008. Though it was his solo album but still it has been a great support from his band members, so he decided to name his first album “CRYSTAL”. With all the love and support from his fans, he is back again with his 2nd album “SANJOG”, after two years and has recently released his new music video "kati Jalaunchhau” from his 2nd album and coming up soon with another...we wish him all the best ahead. His own words with keran limbu exclusively for

Keran-Since when and how did your musical journey begin?

Well I was into music since I was a school kid. And I still remember we use to have an extra curricular subject in which I took music and started learning guitar. Beside that we use to have a family gathering at home and dad mom use to sing so that really inspired me a lot. After the completion of my S.L.C, we formed a band Crystal with the members from same Bhanubhakta memorial school and from then on my musical journey started.


Keran-You started your music career with the band “Crystal”, but when you released your first album it came out as solo project, why?

Yeah I was into a band and we all decided to came up with an album. We started our project back in the year 2005 but slowly other members were unable to manage the time and with their decision , I continue it as a solo album and the album was released on 2008. There has been no conflict between us. They are still into music as a recorder, arranger. They have helped me with the live recording from my first album till this second album. We still meet and they advise me and suggest me also in time to time.


Keran-Can you define music in one word?

There has been a great passion towards music since the beginning. I have found it a great support and help in my good and bad times, so I would say "MUSIC IS MY LIFE".


Keran-How important it is to sing a various genre of song for a singer?

Yeah everyone has his or her own voice quality but I believe in trying to sing in different genre. It's hard but one should try. While in a band we use to cover all type of songs, so I guess it had helped me a lot to come up with different genre of song. At this time we can find a lot of changes and option on music for the listeners, so I think we should just not look for a particular group of listeners but should try to cover everyone with providing different genre of songs.


Keran- which song is close to your heart from your first album “Crystal”, and why?

Well “sanjog” is my favorite song from the first album and the reason, this song basically says that LOVE- sometimes it just happens or sometimes even if we try we don't get it. So it,s all about coincidence...MAYA BHAN NU PANI SAMAYA KO SANJOG NAI HO.


Keran-Recently your 2nd album “ Sanjog” has been released, how was the response?

After tow years again I have come up with my new album “SANJOG”'s been only few days since the album has been released... Video of “ Kati jalaunchhau” is the promotional song from this album. It has also been on aired on televisions and fm stations... recently been to Pokhara, Chitwan, Bhairahawa and Butwal for the promotion of this album so I found that people have appreciated my this song has been specially targeted to the youngsters...they have really liked it. A good response from their side.


Keran-As and artist, what is most important element for you to stay for a long run?

I believe in hard work, dedication and the most important thing patience.


Keran- you being as a songwriter, what inspired you the most?

Well you can find that most of the songs that I have written is on Love... no one can stay away from it so it's the biggest inspiration for me...


Keran-Do you think a political crisis has affected the music industries in Nepal?

Yeah directly or indirectly from some angle its also related with the situation of the country so I would not say it completely but it also affect the music industry. The most important thing that has really affected Nepali music industry is a “PIRACY”.


Keran-Your favorite hangout place, where and with whom?

There isn't any particular place, but I enjoy every place that I go with my friends and family.


Keran-What qualities do you look in your partner?

She should be loving, caring and understanding and of course educated.


Keran-What are you up to...... any new up comings?

My first video “ Kati Jalaunchau” from the second new album is on aired and now preparing for the second music video from the same album. Half of the part has been shoot and now within another two months period, people can watch it also.


Keran-Your new music video “kati jalaunchau” released, what it is all about?

Kati jalaunchau is basically targeted to the youngsters and it's like a seeking for love. One who is totally in love with that girl and about a time when someone gets infatuated and also could say trauma on a love of that girl.....


Keran- your last few words for our viewers of and your fans out there?

Dear viewers and fans, it's all your love and support, which you have given me for my first album, that now I am able to come up with my second new album for you all. I am sure it will continue in near future also. I would like to request to all our Nepali listeners to please love Nepali culture, Nepali music, and Nepali artist.



      Interviewed by Keran Limbu for




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 Renuka Bastola from United Kingdom says on 19 August 2010
Hello Nitin Dai!Keep up the good work .All the best for your album.

 Samir Gurung from Hong Kong says on 17 August 2010
Hey bro so good to read your interview here in still remember those days at chakratown how u use to rock.Anyways good luck for your album.

 bobina rana from USA says on 10 August 2010
good job NITIN ..keep it up n good luck for da future........

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