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Nabin K Bhattrai
Bagaicha.com and I are proud to feature one of the most popular pop icons of Nepali music. He needs no introduction. He has been giving good music to us for the past 19 years. His music is not only recognized in Nepal but all around the world. He has managed to build a great reputation as a pop star over the years. He says these days; he is busy directing music in Nepali movies and preparing for his tour of England. Recently he released his 10th album “Nakshetrah,” under the banner of Reeyaz music. Lets hear what Nabin has to say with Keran Limbu, exclusively for bagiacha.com

Keran-You are one of the nation’s most famous pop stars, how did it happen? Is it Luck or Fate?

Actually, it wasn’t luck or fate; I had studied music, and it was also my hard work, commitment and dedication towards music which got me where I am today.


Keran-You have been here 19years, how has the scene changed?

Yeah defiantly it has changed a lot from when I begin. Technically it has improved a lot, the video is good, but the disappointment is that there is still lack of good lyrics and good composition in the mainstream.


Keran- Congratulation from going from being single to being married. What does marriage mean to you?

Thank you Keran. In my opinion, as you can see, marriage is an emotional bond. And I am happily married these days….He… he… he


Keran-How supportive is your family with regard to your musical journey?

Oh they really are my strength and inspiration. They love my work and have been supporting my musical journey for past 19years.


Keran-How has family life changed your routine?

Well it didn’t change me much, but it has left me with lot more responsibility.


Keran-What sort of advice can you give to those who take you as their inspiration and who want to follow in your path and dream to become a Nabin K Bhattarai?

My advice to those who want to fallow in my path is believe in your inner instinct.

Be serious and learn the basics of music. Learn how to play instruments well. Practice and practice and practice.  This will defiantly help to lead to the success one day.


Keran-Recently you released your new album “Nakchyatra” after a long gap of four years. How have you moved on musically over the last four years?

Actually I was busy with my overseas tour and I didn’t manage to set up any good deal with a music company so it took a while. But the long hard work of mine paid off.,”Nakshetrah” is doing very well in the market and the song “Timi Lai Mann Parauchu” has been a hit every where from TV to Radio station, and I am really happy and satisfied with it.


Keran-What’s “Nakchyatra” is all about? What difference can we find from your previous albums?

It’s all about my experiences for the past 19 years in music. The album consists of nine songs that have been written by my friends and myself and the songs have been composed by me The difference that you will find in this album “Nakshyatra” is that you can find a real human feeling built from life experiences.


Keran-Have you made any music video to go with this album?

Oh! Yeah I’ve made 4 music videos for the album, Timi lai Mann Parauchu,

Lalla Nagara, Mailey Kayaun Raat, and ye Zindagi, which are all doing very well commercially.


Keran-How good is the response to your new album and the videos?

Well the album has a hugely popular response and the videos of the songs “Timi Lai Mann Parauchu” are hitting the charts in all the radio and TVs stations and even in you tube, I am so happy and proud to say this, that it’s the fastest and most viewed video in the Nepali music scene It has been seen by more then 180,000 viewers just in eight months,


Keran-Besides singing you are recognized as a good composer too. What are the elements to becoming a good composer?

For me to become a good composer, one should have a good understanding about music. One should have a creative imagination to turn ones ideas into reality. One should be able to translate ones vision into musical melodies with lots of soul.


Keran-You have won innumerable awards, what does that means to you?

It means that my hard work towards music has been acknowledged, which gives me satisfaction at the end of the day.


Keran-What is your relationship with the media?

Well the media plays an important role in career development which is great, but I rarely appear in the media.


Keran- Currently what are you up to. Anything new coming up?

Currently I am busy directing the music for three movies and in couple of month’s time I have a show in the UK.


Keran-It’s been a great chat. Any last words to the viewers of bagiacha.com and all your fans around?

I’d like to thank bagiahca.com by saying keep up the good work. And I would like to thank all my fans all over the world for listening to my latest album “Nakshetrah and making it a great success. Thank you all once again.



Interviewed by keran limbu exclusively for bagaicha.com


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