At first everybody needs to think positively and respect each others contribution. There should be fair and healthy competition..... - Mingma Sherpa

Mingma Sherpa
When I met him for the first time he made me feel so relaxed and comfortable. His smiling face and jolly character and the way he feels for and delivers his music, has mesmerized all his fans out there. He has already released his two album,” yatharthama”, “Feel” and now he is busy with his new album “Feel Again”. This one took him five years to complete because he wanted to produce good and quality music. His hit songs like “Aashu”, “Cham Cham”, “Timro tyo hasilo muharko” are already popular in the media. Let’s hear from Mingma in his own words talking to Keran Limbu, exclusively for

Keran-When and how did you start your musical career?

It’s been like almost ten years since I started my musical journey. Actually I was a little curious about music from when I was a kid ,but as I grew up, I came to love music more and more, I started singing with my schoolmates in school programs and  also with my local home friends, and most of them liked my songs and my singing style.


Keran-Who was the inspiration behind your musical journey?

All the old artists from the Nepali music scene and many more from the new generation, I suppose especially the late Narayan Gopal, and then Bhajan Siromani, Bhakata Raj Acharya, Gulam Ali and, yes defiantly, one to include is my brother Dawa Tshering. He is a good lyricist and music composer.


Keran-How do you describe and convey your music to people?

Actually my music all comes naturally from my heart, and I change the feelings into words and deliver all in my music.


Keran-Your title song “Bhumarima” from your first album, how did you come up with it?

Actually it was just my first attempt and my first experience. All the credit goes to my brother, Dawa, who totally put all his feelings and hard work into composing this song.


Keran-Your achievements until today - are you satisfied with where you are now?

The recognition and fame accorded to Mingma Sherpa that is my achievement today. Talking about other achievements there are so many. Countless, priceless awards and certificates too. And, yes, I am very much satisfied with it all so far.


Keran-How would Mingma Sherpa define the word “success”?

If you are doing something with your own knowledge and talents and you gain satisfaction at the end of it all then, to my mind, that is success.


Keran-Tell us something about your upcoming third album “Feel Again”?

It’s all about variety in the complexities of songs and my team experience and creation.


Keran-Why are all your album title related to “feelings”. Can you explain?

That is because everything comes totally from the feelings of my inner soul. That is why all my albums are titled with an association with feeling.


Keran-You have produced a lot variety in your songs, but which genre are you most comfortable?

My most comfortable genre is modern song with a classical base.


Keran-Why do you think that both of your albums so far released has been

commercially successful?

All the credit goes to my team. Their hard work and dedication towards my music and to me that is what made them so successful.


 Keran-How happy are you with the present musical industry in Nepal?

It’s not only the music scene; it’s just the whole situation of the country and the system. That’s what makes each and every Nepali out there frustrated and unhappy.


Keran-How can we improve our current musical scene in Nepal?

At first everybody needs to think positively and respect each others contribution. There should be fair and healthy competition, Only in that way can we improve the Nepali musical scene and everything else..


Keran-You been to Hong Kong before, what do you have to say about this city?

Hong Kong is beautiful city, its just the people need to have beautiful hearts and more unity among themselves.


Keran-Recently you were in a social cause “Trip to Katja”. How did you feel performing in front of those kids?

It was my first experience and I felt them to be part of my own family. When I performed in front of them I felt so happy .I really appreciate you Keran and your Katja family.


Keran- Any message to our viewers of and your fans out there?

You guys are awesome, I have no words to describe it Keran. You and your bagaicha family just keep moving along, and god blesses you all. Peace Mingma.


 Interviewed by keran limbu exclusively for


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