As life is a journey and we cannot stop at a point, I believe that success is infinitely long series of achievements..... - Mampi Ghosh

Mampi Ghosh
Mampi Gosh a charming and charismatic Bengali beauty started her career as and RJ.Says that couple of year’s radio experience increased her confidence level to speak more confidently and make fewer mistakes, today she is producer and has established TV shows characters ”Pawankali” currently broadcast through kantipur television, her own words with keran limbu exclusively for

Keran-Since when and how did it all started to be Pawankali?

It’s been three years interacting with different persona from every walk of life being PAWANKALI.I guess, its just destiny which has lead to be pawankali…cause I had and still pose the dream to be a bank woman…but working for long time as an RJ wanted to test my capability on TV too, so, went to Ktv and luckily got immediate chance to join The Pawankali Show.


Keran-How difficult was it to replace the previous Pawankali who was equally popular?

It is never easy to replace anybody in anything anywhere so, it was equally hard for me to win the heart of viewers as new pawankali,Infact would say, to act exactly same as previous was most challenging for me…but with the time and practice managed to do so…I believe, people loved, admired and supported me as they treated to the previous one. Those uncountable emails, letters and even direct phone calls made that belief. But does any significance holds here about ‘comparison’? Indeed, she is extremely talented and is the one to present pawankali for the first time.


Keran-What makes you confident to become Pawankali?

Lions (Aug 15) are really confident so I’m. Whatever I do, do it confidently…. neither i had the typical ‘pawankali accent’, nor acting skills but had only confidence and faith in me, by the grace of god.


Keran-How would Pawankali contribute to our country?

Pawankali, is in itself a icon of Nepalese culture, people say. The show promotes own culture, attire, language and innocence of Nepalese people, and of course the sense of humour in these ‘machine-like’ lifestyles. She has sometimes warned the corrupted politicians, shown concern at the present scenario. Innocently she makes her guests give answers to those questions people really eager to know.


Keran-What is the difference between Pawankali and real you?

Pawankali and Mampi has different life styles…Pawankali simply loves to chit chat with her guests but in real life I’m very choosy to hang around, Pawankali is nine class fail but Mampi is master degree holder.


Keran-Who or what inspires you to reach your future goals and dreams?

My mom and dad inspire me to do a lot. It is often said that to be vulnerable is to live and it is also meant to be so but the struggle should be continual. My life is not an exception and yes, it is the inspiration from my parents that strengthens me and guides me in each and every path of my life that I walk on.


Keran-You started your career as RJ, Why did you decide to join TV?

As life is a journey and we cannot stop at a point, I believe that success is infinitely long series of achievements. Yeah I have started my career in media as an RJ but being a VJ and every moment that I spend for betterment in my field are just my steps I am taking in the journey of life towards success.


Keran-How much does a VJ got paid in Nepal, is it enough for survival?

Media has become fourth part of state. But people who are working in media are separated into different parts just because of pay scale…very sorry to say that a VJ in my country may have bad economy but I would like to assure you that the love and support that we get from our viewers is always inspiring and so pleasant that sometimes payment seems negligible in front of it.


Keran-How will you highlight the current problems in our country and how to solve them?

We all know that ‘Things are not perfect’ and also that ‘Things are meant to be perfect’. As far as I know the main problem is that we all are blaming each other when things go wrong in our home or even in the parliament house. In my vision, a country can only be perfect when each and every citizen does his or her duty responsibly avoiding the blame game.



Keran-Have you been offered to work in big screen?

Every individual has its own qualities and they don’t perfectly fit in the fields which are far away from them. It is quite normal to be offered for big screen since I’m working in the same field but I am sorry to say no to such proposals.


Keran-.If Pawankali need to be replaced, who do you think is suitable in this character currently?

Replacements are inevitable. The name PAWANKALI has given me more than I had expected some years back and now the love, support and appreciation I receive from my viewers are precious for me but If there is any alternative way that keeps me in touch with my viewers, I would love to invite any girl who is adequately deserving for this place to entertain people.


Keran-Lets change the topic, with whom and where you want to go for a date?

As you all know pawankali is madly in love with Mr.Rajesh Hamal, what if I come to Hong Kong with him for a date? Ha-ha


Keran-Tell us about your shortcomings?

Besides pawankali show I’m planning to produce few shows in Ktv soon. On the other side I’m counselling people who are in village to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS being APLF youth leader.


Keran-Lastly, anything you want to say to our viewers of and your fans out there?

Lastly, would like to thank you and for giving me a chance to be close with my viewers and giving me an opportunity to express myself. Looking forward to see u all soon.



Interviewed by Keran Limbu for



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 Hangma Limbuni from Hong Kong says on 09 July 2010
Hello Mumpy I'm prety much inspired from your confidance level, it's realy inspired us. we(my entire family) used to watch your show through the internet and loved your unique style of talking,your traditional fashion and interior decoration of your shows.Thank you and wish you every success!

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