Beauty pageants are not just about beauty, especially in the context of Nepal. It helps you grow as an individual, makes you see life beyond, family and friends. It makes you want to do more and achieve more - Malvika Subba

Malvika Subba
She is the women of substance, A former Miss Nepal 2002, She needs no introduction her beauty with brain work all over Nation, She worked in media for seven years and had working experience in India in voice of India channel and currently working in Shangri-La Housing as a sales and Marketing Manager. Malvika with her own words online with keran limbu exclusively for

Keran- What has been the most significant accomplishment in your life after wining the Miss Nepal title?

Malvika-I still feel like I have to accomplish so much, but to be specific, is the love and wishes that I get from people I don’t know, has been the biggest accomplishment. To be a role model for so many youngsters is also another one. In 2007 September I represented my country to go to New York for the Hunger Free Campaign. I am the ambassador for the MTV EXIT campaign on human trafficking for Nepal. This is I think has been my biggest accomplishments

Keran- What's your opinion on beauty Pageant, Do you think in Nepal beauty pageant are demeaning to women?

Malvika- If I thought that beauty pageants were demeaning, especially in Nepal, I would have never participated. I am a living example of how it helps young girls. I have changed so much since the pageant, it has helped me to enhance my career, make me more confident. But at the end of the day, its how you make the most of it also, matters on you yourself.

Keran- What do you think of mothers who put their young daughters in beauty pageant?

Malvika- I think that, it’s applauded able. Beauty pageants are not just about beauty, especially in the context of Nepal. It helps you grow as an individual, makes you see life beyond, family and friends. It makes you want to do more and achieve more.

Keran- Do you care about what a beauty contestant opinion are on any serious subject?

Malvika- If a contestant makes sense, why not. Of course it has to be serious and intelligent.

Keran- After wining the title as Miss Nepal what have you done for the country and the youth?

Malvika-I had never like this interrogating question in all the 7 and half years since I have been Miss Nepal. I have worked as a youth, in advocacy issues regarding, HIV/AIDS, hunger, human trafficking, and many more. I have paved the way for a lot of many young girls, to be an achiever, that nothing is impossible and not to let the society stop from being a strong, independent individual.

Keran-What to you is perfect beauty?

Malvika- Nothing actually. Nothing is perfect and no one is perfect. Its how you carry yourself, how you are as an individual, and how good your heart is, that matters to me the most.

Keran- Do you ever get the feeling that the confessions in magazines are made up?

Malvika- In Nepal, yes mostly they are, aboard, I don’t know!

Keran- If you felt like you were falling in love with some one, would you tell them or would you hold back your feeling for fear of rejection?

Malvika- It depends on the guy i guess. I am not that kind of a person who thinks that I should wait for the other person to make the first move, but if I am sure that my feelings shall be reciprocated then I don’t mind saying it. But I think that feeling would come only when you have spent quite some times with the person and I think by that time , we both would know how we feel and if its love or not.

Keran- In perfect marriage what would you want your man to consistently do to make your life with him special and a lot easier?

Malvika- To be an equal partner, help me with the household chores, take me out on dates from time to time, to keep the romance alive. And not take me for granted, and of course love me always. It’s simple actually.

Keran- How would you like to get married, arrange or love?

Malvika-Love definitely...but then it could be arrange and love together too...who knows? I always like to keep my options open!

 Keran- Recently you been invited by ANA in America what was it for and how was your experience?

Malvika- I was invited, at the ANA, which took place at Oakland, California. I was there are the chief guest for their fashion show. And I also managed to choreograph the fashion show.

Keran- Is it true that you left media and staying low profile currently? If yes, why and what are you doing now?

Malvika- Since 6 months now i have been working as Sales and Marketing Manager for a real estate company called Shangri-La Housing. Television in Nepal pays, quite low, and I wanted to do something different. Also I have reached a point in my life where, I didn’t want to be too much in the limelight always. So I took a step forward and made a decision to do something different for a while till I find something lucrative and interesting to do in media.

Keran- you been to Hong Kong what was your experience about the people and about this city?

Malvika- When I was in Hong Kong in 2003, I fell in love with the city. The Nepalese society there were so hospitable, that it was overwhelming. I can never forget my amazing experience in Hong Kong because of that.

Keran- At last want to say something to our viewers of and your fans of Hong Kong?

Malvika- Hong Kong, when I come and visit there the next time. Always believe in yourself, and do the best you can, in whatever you do. Hope to see you all soon.

 Interviewed by Keran Limbu for

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 saruk from India says on 11 September 2009
keran great job,,coz we heard malvika yaa.cheers,

 DHRUBA DUTTA from United Kingdom says on 08 September 2009
HI KERAN , u r the best , keep it up.

 Miraj Jang Grg. from Nepal says on 01 September 2009
Great job Keran....keep it up I like dis one.

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