Work hard and be dedicated to what you have chosen to do in your life. Always be confident enough and believe in yourself.... - Laxmi Lawati Subba

Laxmi Lawati Subba
A new face in glamour business, she is young, beautiful, confident and a generous spirit. ,She says that beauty pageants and the glamour business run are part of her heredity ,She currently holds five titles.Miss Fresher at Eureka 2008, Miss Teejtaj of Dharan Fashion Show in 2010, Miss Purwanchal 2011 with best personality title, and Miss Fusion. Judgment is based on best elegance and stylish smartness. Recently she has worked as a choreographer at Vijapur Higher Secondary School and jaycees. She is currently preparing hard for next year’s Miss Nepal 2012. Let us all wish her good luck for her coming pageant and hear what she has to say, first time in with Keran Limbu

Keran-Hi laxmi, how you been doing lately? Could you tell us few things about yourself?

Talking about me I’m a decent and generous gal who loves to be busy working and living life happily every day. Right now I am focusing on my studies and getting ready for the next year’s Miss Nepal.


Keran-Since when and how did you decide to take part in beauty pageants?

For me a beauty pageant is just like a dream that i have been waiting for the moment to come since my childhood. I had always dreamt about being Miss World and hope i will maybe one day win that title soon if possible.


Keran- The inspiration behind your success in the entire contest?

Well, i have been inspired by the TV program that i used to watch in my childhood, but when it comes for giving an acknowledgement i would love to give that to my cousin Romi, and my entire family and friends who have supported me throughout all the titles bids.


Keran-How many titles are you holding now?

5 titles to date, but my next ambition will be to win the pageant of Miss Nepal 2012..


Keran-How was your experience and what changes having you found in yourself after competing and winning all those titles?

With reference to experience, it was very humbling. I learnt to be more dedicated in doing the work and to never lose hope, because you have to try to go still further to bigger and more beautiful events. So I have to keep on working hard even though if I am left on my own.


Keran-Do you think that beauty is only enough to run in these beauty pageants in Nepal?

In my point of view one needs to be more dedicated and focused on the preparation work. You need to project your honesty and your character so that you can a give positive vibe to your whole image. Be confident enough to do this is the main thing. Believe that you can most probably win with both your beauty and your brain.


Keran-What changes have you seen in the Nepali community with regards to parents allowing their child to enter beauty contests in your experience?

In our Nepali society people, especially our parents have broadened their minds a little when it comes to their children entering a beauty pageant. However, other people through gossip and insinuation can be cruel and sour the contest and turn the atmosphere ugly. I would like this to be addressed and stopped. About parents, i think they have become far more supportive than the parents of earlier days. They are learning to move along with the times and the new generation.


Keran-How supportive are your families regarding your career in glamour business?

Talking about my family i love them a lot because they have always been supportive to me in what I have been trying to achieve, maybe because the interest has always been there. They have always been an inspiration to me and have been supportive in all that i tried to do in my entire life. That’s why i love and respect my family members a lot.


Keran - Do you see a long future joining in glamour contests? How long can someone survive with it?

For now i haven’t seen any issues yet and I don’t know how long I can go on. I do not think that far ahead and just take it one contest at a time.


Keran-What is most important to being successful?

Work hard and be dedicated to what you have chosen to do in your life. Always be confident enough and believe in yourself. Do not be intimidated by the other contestant is the important thing when you are participating in this kind of beauty contest.


Keran-You are single what do you have to say about love marriages or do you prefer arranged marriages?

In my opinion love marriage will be great. One should know the person better because he is the person that you will spend the rest of your entire life with. I will to get ready for both, however, because you never know what’s in your fate.


Keran-What advice do you want to give to the young girls out there who dream to become Miss Nepal one day?

Dreams come often but remember those few dreams can be made to come true and successful if you try hard from your side. Be well prepared and confident enough to be a tough competitor. You must strive to easily grab the attention of all. That’s what to work on..


Keran-What are you doing currently, and what are your future plans?

Well I have already talked about this earlier he he…I am working hard and getting ready for the next year Miss Nepal Pageant of 2012.


Keran-Few words to our viewers of and your fans and love once out there?

I have found that loads of obstacles come along throughout life but you need to move on. For that you need a positive state of mind and an inner strength that helps you in life to keep moving on. Furthermore, always do something that you always wanted to do, never expect things to just happen.. If you lose and fall down, pick yourself up, learn the lesson and move on. Get back on track.. Be strong, confident, generous and loving to people. Try to be a person that can be a great role model to others that would be great and you will love your life. Thank you to Keran and bagaicha family for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts with you all. Long Live…..



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