Music is an integral part of everyone’s life. It’s not only me but also everyone. It’s a friend who u can relate to.... - Kichaa M Chitrakar

Kichaa M Chitrakar
He is an aspiring young and multitalented musician that we have today. He has been in music, professionally, for five years and keep delivering us something new and exciting all the time. He plays more then 8 musical instruments and he says that he Likes to sit in his stairway and play flute or guitar when he is low. He has already released 6 albums. His first album titled ‘Skanda’ World Music (Fusion) was released in 2007,and his instrumental album “kaal Chakra’, was released in 2008. He has also given back ground scores and directed music in movie ‘Dashdunga’. We can she him ‘Djing ‘ setting the floor in fire. At the weekends in Thamel, recently, he has released his new album ‘Samsara’ as first Nepali album to go international by universal dance record. And now we have Kichha, in his own words, with me exclusively, a first interview for

Keran-How long have you been into music for, and what inspired you the most?

It’s been about 5 years now that I’ve been into Music professionally.

I was born in a family where we are genetically connected with art. My father stands as one of the renowned painters in Nepal. Thus inspiration towards art and creation has been there as a legacy.


Keran-What kind of music concept do you base yourself around?

I’m pretty much flexible on choice of music. I usually learn from what I listen to and I listen from eastern classical to neo-metal. My concept of music has been totally a mixture of everything and I try to explain my feeling out through the notes in my compositions.


Keran-What is music to you? Can you express your feelings, your insight??

Music is an integral part of everyone’s life.  It’s not only me but also everyone. It’s a friend who u can relate to. I feel lucky that I am capable of making music to express myself. It is a meditation to me.


Keran-Can you let us know what you want to deliver through your music?

Mostly my music tells about my feelings towards issues and situations. The composition and the titles of my tracks somehow can relate to everyone. Not only on their sorrow but also on their happiness.


Keran-What is the difference between your music compared to other DJs from Nepal that makes you so unique and popular?

It’s probably the way I blend it. Most of the people in the world have this crazy idea that DJs are song changers who play one track after another. But the art of DJing lies in how we blend the sounds together. My way of playing music has my choices making me stomp my feet and I always try to deliver something new and extra while I’m behind the decks. It could be tricks or it could me my edits.


Keran-You had also performed a number of concerts and parties during your international shows, how was your experience and response?

Its always amazing to perform no matter it is home crowd or international. My experiences had been amazing so far. I’ve been appreciated for my art no matter where I play. I feel blessed to represent my country and its potential to the world.


Keran-How many instruments do you play and which one is your favorite and why?

I play about 8 to 10 musical instruments and I kind of like them all in a way. When I’m feeling low I like to sit by my stairs and play some flute and guitar. I play djembe at times when I’m out with friends and they want to have an acoustic dance session. I play tabala at times just to keep me updated for time signatures and all.. So basically they are all part of life I literally cannot choose any one in particular.


Keran-What shorts of music are you playing these days and why?

Right now I’m into Dirty House sound. Beats are really pumping and synths makes you dance hard on the floor. Besides that I’m trying out the hard-tech sound while I’m spinning at parties.


Keran-Your first album “Skanda”, what it is all about?

Basically Skanda means Senses. The compositions in the album are basically the feelings that we feel in our daily lives. It has tracks such as Muskan(smile), Vedana(Sadness), Harsa Bivor(ecstasy), Karunamaya(Falling in love) etc Its all about the emotions that we come across in our daily lives.


Keran-How true it is that your album “samsara” is dedicated to your beloved woman?

100 percent!!


Keran- Any upcoming concert, music or album coming soon?

Recently I’m working on few projects. I’m doing the background score and 5.1 mixing for a couple of Nepali feature films Batch no. 16 and Signature. There is little line up of gigs at Nepal, Bangkok and Dubai. An album, “Samsara” is being released internationally as the first Nepali album to go international, by Universal Dance Records.


Keran- Lastly, a few words to our viewers of and your fans out there?

First of all, thanks and Keran for letting me share my views to everyone out there. And to all the fans and friends I’m always grateful to have your love and support without which I would never be who I am today.


Interviewed by keran limbu for

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 sujan from Nepal says on 16 December 2010
All the best man!!!!

 jyoti from Nepal says on 04 December 2010
I love your music. They are amazing just both your new album and absolutly in love with it. listening to it over and over again. You rock Kichaa!

 Sandesh from Nepal says on 02 December 2010
Hey dude! wish u all the best for the upcoming projects and works. I'm proud of you. really loved the tracked called You and I. Cheers keep it up!

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vishu will u be my valentine?????
Ankita Mangla
Its been alwz fun to have sushant around. Congrats dear....proud of u... n all the best. M sure u gonna rock. Cheers... !!!