It doesn’t matter where you come from. Everybody has to struggle to establish him or herself. It’s a part of life, whatever you do. - Dibya Subba

Dibya Subba
Needs no introduction, his father has been a big inspiration for him who taught him guitar and vocal at the age of twelve years and his further training from Gurudev Kamant for three years. He is in this field for about six years and has released two albums "Pratha" and "Pariwartan". These days he is busy with his upcoming album “Dibya Subba and The Blueacidz” which is going to be release in earlier this dashain. He was awarded as a new artist of the year 2062 and has performed in Hong Kong and all over Nepal. Recently his new released music video “Birami Sahar” was band from Kantipur Television. What he has to say, his own words with Keran Limbu exclusively for

Keran-Hello Dibya, I’m flattered that you accepted to be interviewed for How did you get involve with music and started your career?

My father was a musician and he influenced me from the beginning. As I grew up, my friends and some international musicians influenced me and my interest for music became deeper.


Keran-How would “Dibya Subba” define music?

In fact it’s hard to define music. I think music is like an ocean. You can go on exploring and always find new things to learn and the learning and experiencing never stops. Music will always make you young forever.

Keran-Beside music what are you passionate about?

Travelling and trekking.

Keran-Recently your music video “Birami Sahar” was released and was band in kantipur TV. What was the reason behind?

I don’t know. May be the video seems to be about drug addict. Actually the video is the original sound track of the Nepali movie “Birami Sahar” and the movie is about drugs.


Keran-How true is it that you are going from solo to band?

It’s true that I am with the band “The Blue Acidz” now. And my upcoming album "Dibya Subba and The Blueacidz" is coming shortly, which I collaborate with the band.


Keran-Your new album is recently released? What kind of music/songs is in the album?

Its not released yet. We are planning to release in Dashian. Earlier, my albums songs are more about love. But this time it’s about Nepal, and natural beauty, the Himalayas and of course love songs for the regular listeners. And music genre is, I’d like to say it’s an experimental album for me.


Keran-You are from Dharan, being an outsider how much you have to struggle to be introduced in this field?

It doesn’t matter where you come from. Everybody has to struggle to establish him or herself. It’s a part of life, whatever you do.

Keran-How do you take your popularity and response from your fans?

 I like it and I treasure it.


Keran-What is your view on media coverage of Nepal and how do you handle criticism?

      Nepali media is at growing stage. Whatever gets published about me, I take it


Keran-On long drive with whom do you prefer to go and which of your song that you want to play? Why?

Of course my girlfriend and the song will be “Timro manchhe ma” which is one of the songs of my upcoming album, that I wrote it for her.


Keran-What do you think of current music in Nepal and what changes can make better Nepal?

It has improved now and there’s much more to be done compared to the international music scenario.


Keran-You had been to Hong Kong, what do you think about this city and people from here?

I simply love Hong Kong. Nepalese there are very hospitable and friendly. I feel like being in home there.


Keran-Are you single? What is your thinking on marriage?

      No. Marriage is a god gift.

Keran-Being in this industry for quite some times now, what is your suggestion to the new comers?

The passion for music should be there. You have to master your art before entering into the field.


Keran- Last few words to our viewers of and your fans out there?

Like to thank For my fans all around and in Hong Kong, my new album is coming soon and this time I am with the band and there’s something new for everyone. Love you all.


Interviewed by keran limbu for

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 dip rai from United Kingdom says on 25 October 2010
good job keran, and to dibya subba best of luck for the forthcoming album.i wish it will drag your musical career to the success, record breaking sell and more popular than the PRATHA. best of luck..

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