There is no guarantee that working hard leads to success but I can guarantee that without working hard there is no success.... - Deepa Gurung

Deepa Gurung
She is a quiet girl with a great looks and personality. She says mostly inspired and influenced by her family. She just got her diploma in Beauty and Health. Right after her result a beauty company from Hong Kong selected her and offer to work in their company. Let us all congratulate and wish her all the success ahead, She is Deepa Gurung our former Miss Pearl Hong Kong 2009,Let’s find out what she has to say exclusively for

Keran-Why did you enter this pageant Miss Pearl Hong Kong Nepal?

Well to be honest, I had no special reasons to enter this Pageant. Laxman uncle is my Dad’s friend and he told him about this new beauty pageant in Hong Kong, and then daddy told me to participate in it. My mom and dad fully supported me and my sister wanted to participate too so we participated together. I got more interested in this beauty pageant after I joined it, so I became more serious and tried to give the best out of me.


Keran-What is your opinion about this Miss Pearl Hong Kong Nepal contest?

Miss Pearl Hong Kong Nepal is a new Beauty pageant in Hong Kong, which I believe is one of the best beauty contests within our Nepalese society. The training they provide is very professional. But the stage or the theatre is not decorated / designed up to the international level. There is a lack of time management too. This is the only downside to the contest. I hope we can address this and do better next time.


Keran-What have you achieved or done after winning the pageant?      

This is the biggest achievement in my life till now. After winning the title I feel like I’m a different person, better than I used to be. I realized what I was missing out there, I’ve made myself a better person and felt that I’ve become more mature, gained more confidence in myself and experienced all sorts of things that I once used to sit and watch with my sisters and friends, By that I mean all those movies, shows, and dramas related to beauty and fashion. I became more interested in the world of fashion, glamour, modelling and beauty pageants, which I believe is a kind of Art. I have participated in fashion shows, went for lots of photo shoots, and Interviews. I have also hosted a show and a documentary. It was really fun and challenging.  But even though I know that I am the winner of a Beauty Pageant, Miss Pearl HKNP09, I am still an ordinary young lady seeking to learn and grow up in life.


Keran-Who is the greatest influence in your life to become what you are today?

I cannot point out just one person because there many people who have influenced me in my life to become what I am today. For me, my mum and daddy are the best parents in the world. They are the biggest supporters in my life. I entered this pageant because I had their support. My soul sisters RT and JAY (Jyoti Grg), my cute little brother think himself Is a grown up man but he’s only 12, they are the true friends forever in my life’s friend of mine that I have never seen in real life but understand me and motivated me to move forward in life when I had ups and downs. This great man is Jamir Maharjan, a very motivative person.  And I remember my friend Sonam who believed in me, that I could do it. Harka uncle, he’s like a dad taking care of all the sisters in this pageant like his own daughters. Rajesh T Raj, a very talented coordinator of the show, and Rina dd. who taught us how to bring out our personality in our catwalk. And all my dear friends and every single person I have met in my life, I have learnt many things from them and these are the people that influenced me to become what I am today.


Keran-What is the one thing that you would not tolerate about media?

Well I don’t really know a lot about the media because I am new in this field. I have only appeared in the media since I won the pageant. What I would not tolerate about media is giving out false information about someone.



Keran-How does it feel and what do you have to say about beauty pageant polities?

Beauty pageants are, repeatedly, top-rated programs around the world.

It is a chance for all the ladies out there to boost their confidence, gain more knowledge, and they help young women build character, show their talents and discover the hidden talents in them.It is also a chance to show off their outer and inner beauty.


Keran-Looks can be deceptive. Do you agree?

There is a famous quote I’ve heard and I guess everybody knows it.

“You can’t judge a book by its cover” just like this saying, “You can’t judge somebody by their looks.” And, yes, sometimes looks can be deceiving.When people meet the first time, they don’t think about how the person is in the inside, they just try to judge them by the way they look. And attractive people are always given the first priority while the others are being neglected and left behind. But I think the most important thing is a person with good heart is better than someone with good looks only. 


Keran-Do you think our country has a problem with gender bias?

This is a modern world, everything has changed already, people, and their lifestyle and the places but it has taken a longer time to change their thinking. There is still a little bit of discrimination between men and women.

I think this problem in our country will go on even after 20 years. People can change but there will still be a little bit of old thinking in them.


Keran-What is the role and responsibility of a titleholder?

The role of a titleholder is as a leader of the team and who is responsible for representing the team in different occasions. They should lead the new team to success with encouragement, love and support. Share with them the things they have learnt and give them advice to do better.


Keran-Tell us about what are you doing currently and some of your


We have done a documentary about Bjohpur and it will be released in 2011, 09 January. It was a great experience being a host in the documentary. And for now I am studying Beauty & Health and working as well.  Also I am still struggling a little bit to find the right career for me.


Keran-What message do you want to give to the youth out there?

My messages to all the youth out there is try your best to make a better future for yourself, work hard now and never give up you’ll be happy with the results of your hard work. There is no guarantee that working hard leads to success but I can guarantee that without working hard there is no success. And to all the youth doctors, try to be a doctor for people not for yourself.


Keran-What is your thinking for glamour and fashion?

Fashion, Glamour.. it will never stay the same, I believe it is a kind of art that is always changing. All people have their own tastes and not just like mine, I enjoy myself in this modern world. I think sometimes when you give yourself a makeover, like dress up, put on some makeup and make yourself look glamorous, you have a happy feeling and you’ll want to love yourself more and always stay like this forever. Well this is just how I feel, think being glamorous and fashionable is all about giving you happiness and loving yourself. Look at how many ‘yourself’ I’ve said. I think its because its all about you, yourself. Take good care of yourself and love your body, in return you’ll get a lot of happiness.


Keran-Where will you see yourself in coming five years time?

After five years I will be 25 and I see myself happy with the right career in my hand and my man still by my side.


Keran- Last words to our viewers of and your fans out there?

Thank you very much for taking your time to walk around our Bagaicha (.com). To all my friends, I hope that I have inspired some of you out there. And my love and best wishes to Keran didi, you are very strong in heart you’ve inspired me to have more confidence in myself; I wish you success in every step you take, God Bless You!


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 Jamiebox from USA says on 07 January 2011
Deepa, a girl with beauty and brain with high hopes, tremendous energy, noticable creativity. I wish her all the best for her dream to be great personality in fashion world. She has got talent in sketching & now she is predominant in "Beauty and Health" field too so these will surely rhyme together to fulfill her dream to be remarkable fashion icon. She is the best!

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Its been alwz fun to have sushant around. Congrats dear....proud of u... n all the best. M sure u gonna rock. Cheers... !!!