Practicing is a form of learning. Without practicing no one learns anything. And another thing is to listen to music and understand it - DJ Raju

DJ Raju
Dj Raju needs no introduction. He is our nation's no.1 dj. His first remix was 'Lahane Jurayo Ki' and 'I See You Baby' by Van Halden but he was recognized by his hit song 'Chyangba Hoi Chyangba' which you can still hear in parties and discos since it's released in 2006. Recently he released his new album 'DJ Raju 2.0'. He has also been a dj instructor for couple of years. His own words with Keran Limbu exclusively for

Keran-Tell us when and why did you decide to become DJ?

I was a drummer of a local metal band back in late 80s. During my visit to Europe, I had an opportunity to learn DJ. Back then, there were no such avenues to learn Djing in Nepal. As I’m electronic gadget enthusiast, I could not resist myself to learn DJ as the DJ equipment there were state of the art.


Keran-Who is your inspiration behind all the success?

When the scope of being a DJ was almost ‘zero’ in Nepal, I believed in myself and its all because of my hard work, my belief and determination to this field were the key factors that I remain as a pioneer of DJing in Nepal. Other thing is, I was DJ way before I met my wife. But when she became a part of me, I really felt success in my personal life and as well as being a DJ.


Keran-The first song you remix and how did you come up with?

My first remix song was a mixture of ‘lahanale jurayo ki’ from the movie ‘Darpan Chaya’ and ‘I see you baby’ by Armand Van Halden. It happened as an incident that I was walking past a music store in New Road where they were playing a song from Darpan Chaya and the song was in my head as I passed another music store, it was playing a song by Armand Van Halden. And I actually mixed both the songs in my head.


Keran- One of your song that you never get tired of playing?

That is of course the song ‘Chyangba ho chyangba..’ that is still being played from the time it hit the market back in 2006. It made me known more to my audience and it is still played as fresh as it was four years back.


Keran-What is music to you?

Let us think about a world without music. I don’t think anyone can live without it. As for me, I choose creating music as my profession not only I love music, but also to show my utmost respect to it.


Keran-Genre of song that you like to remix and play?

As I was a part of a metal band during my teens, I would like to remix ‘Rock’ music with ‘House’ music, which is called ‘mash up mix’.


Keran-Where do you see the Nepali music industries heading towards?

We can talk about this topic for a long time. To make it short, downloading music and not purchasing our CDs will kill the industry.


Keran-What is most needed to become a successful DJ like you?

Practicing is a form of learning. Without practicing no one learns anything. And another thing is to listen to music and understand it. Capturing the market with the right type of trendy music is another crucial factor of becoming a successful DJ.


Keran-Best compliment and achievement till today?

The best thing I’ve achieved is love and support from my audience all over the world. My hard work would not be complete without my audience who actually made what I am today.


Keran-What are you doing recently? Any up comings?

I have released my new album ‘DJ Raju 2.0’ firstly in Australia, then in Europe mainly in Belgium, Amsterdam, France, Germany and Portugal where I visited for my Euro Tour ‘09. Officially, I will be launching my new album in Nepal very soon, and then Hong Kong is definitely in my list.


Keran-Do you see any promising DJ in coming days?

As I also happen to be a DJ Instructor for the past 2 years, I am very proud to say that my students work as DJs in all major clubs, lounge and disco here in Nepal. In the meantime, there are also upcoming professional DJs who have created their own market, which is a very good thing for the industry.  


Keran-Few months ago you were in Europe tour so how was your experience?

This was my third Europe tour as a DJ. One thing I learned and respect about my audience in Europe is that, they would definitely enjoy Nepali songs then Bollywood commercial numbers and latest English tracks. The organizer’s sincere objective of bringing a Nepali DJ is to listen and enjoy Nepalese numbers.


Keran-You had been to Hong Kong what do you have to say about this city?

Hong Kong is a paradise city. I like the climate and of course the people there. Mainly my Nepali audiences in Hong Kong are very supportive.


Keran-At last few words for viewers of and your fans out there?

 Save our Nepali Music Industry. Stop Piracy.


 Interviewed by Keran Limbu for



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 Agendra from Hong Kong says on 18 February 2010
"I See You Baby" is a track by Groove Armada.

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