Although the power cuts are more, the public and their enthusiasm have made it easier for the television industry and we do all that we can for the public..... - Bharat Situala

Bharat Situala
He is a well known pop artist from the Nepali music scene.. His debut album “Mod”, gave lots of good songs such as Achanak Ke Bha and Maya Launta. He was also able to win the award in the category of New Artist of the Year in the Hits F.M, music awards. Until today he has so far released three albums, Mod, Ma Aani Timi and Mahima and he is now working on his new album which will be released very soon. Bharat is not only a singer but also a program presenter and producer on The Himalaya Television. Let’s hear from him and what he has to say with Keran Limbu, exclusively for

Keran-Hi Bharat, how you been doing?

I’ve been doing great these days with my office work and working on my new songs.


Keran-Since when and how did you decide to join the music industry?

I was really interested in music since my childhood, so I decided to join the industry.


Keran-Did you have any formal training in music?

Yes I took formal classes but it was just for instrumental, not vocal.


Keran-Is music is your one profession, or you do something else besides?

Yes music is my main profession but I am also working as a producer in Himalaya Television too.


Keran-What do you have to say to those new singers, who are emerging like mushrooms these days, to stay for the long run?

If you want to be in the music business you should have talent and a sense and feel for music. With that you can stay for the long term and full time, rather then just making it your hobby.


Keran-What difference can we see in your music as compared to other singers?

I have my own style of composition and that is what makes me different from others.


Keran- Up to today, how many albums have you released and, among them, which was the most commercially successful?

To date I have released three albums-Mod-2061, Ma Ani Timi -2063 and Mahima -2066.  The album “Mod” was the most commercially successful.


Keran-Which one of your songs is closest to your heart. Which one can you not stop singing?

My favorite is “Ma Ani Timi”, and I really can't stop singing it, it’s my personal favorite.


Keran-What do you feel is your greatest achievement so far?

The love and affection that I get from my fans, music lovers and the public is, for me, the best of all.


Keran-Looking at the current situation of Nepal these days, how difficult it is for an artist to survive?

It’s really very hard. The CD selling is not like before with all the piracy going on and this makes it more difficult for an artist to survive.


Keran-How is the television industry surviving in Nepal when there is no electrical power for 16 hrs at a time?

Although the power cuts are more, the public and their enthusiasm have made it easier for the television industry and we do all that we can for the public.


Keran-How do you like to spend your spare time?

Truly speaking I don’t have any spare time at all but if I get time I love to watch television and enjoy the company of my friends



Keran-Currently what are you up to? Anything new upcoming?

Yes I am working on a new album which will be released very soon.


Keran-Lastly any message to our viewers of and your fans out there?

Keep loving Nepali Music and enjoy whatever you do.


Interviewed by Keran Limbu exclusively for

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