I wish that we could stop the piracy. Also I would like to see more importance given to music and have it more appreciated.... - Ashusen Lama

Ashusen Lama
He is the most multi-talented, young, kind hearted, humble and well mannered singer that I have ever met. After he won the South Asian star Nepal 2008, he hasn’t looked back. From a very young age with his unique voice and compositions he has managed to win the hearts of millions of fans around nation. Beside music he is involved into social work and from his each of his programs he donates 10% to charity. He has composed songs for singers like Prashant Tamang, Karma Sherpa, Sonam Pakhrin and many more. Currently he is busy with his new album “Suchana”, Lets here more on what he has to say about himself with keran limbu exclusively for bagaicha.com

Keran-Hi. Ashusen could you please let us know about your musical background?

In the beginning in 2002, I was involved with the band “Tantra” as a vocalist. Then I did many programs in various hotels with Attar Band. I have worked around three to four years with those two bands. Then in 2006 I did my first recording of my song titled “Man Manai Maan Paraune” with the studio arrangement. After that I continually did lots of recordings of my songs. At the same time I took part in the program called “Timor Swor Mero Geet” on Nepal Television and then I got 2nd position in it. Similarly, in 2007 I also took part in the KATH 97.9 FM program called “Swor Sangam” and I got 1st position. Then, I won the title “South Asian Star Nepal” of Image Channel in 2008.After I won the South Asian Star Nepal I went to Calcutta to compete with other South Asian Countries.


Keran-How and who inspried you to join the south asian star contest?

Actually, I got the information about the South Asian Star contest from the newspaper and through the Image Channel. Additionally I was inspired by Anil Sthapit the cover designer and photographer.


Keran-You are the first Nepali winner of this contest,how does it feel?

Yes, I am the first Nepali winner of this contest and I feel very proud of that.


Keran-What changes did you find after winning this title?

I found lots of changes in my life after winning this title. For example, I became a recognized public figure and got many opportunities in the music business.


Keran-How do you define music in your words?

In my view, Music is my soul and passion.


Keran-You have composed some songs for the 3rd Indian idol Prashant Tamang, how was the experience and response?

It’s true that I have composed some songs for 3rd Indian Idol Prashant Tamang. For example, “Aare kyanam”, “Maan Sailee” and “Ahfanale Ghat Garda”and so on. After that I composed many songs for different singers like Karma Sherpa the top 14th winner of ZTV “Sare Ga Ma Pa” and I am very glad to give my compositions to them. In this way I became more experienced and got very good response.


Keran-You are a person with many different talents, but how would you like to be most recognized?

Ha...ha...ha...Thanks for the compliment my lovely sis Keran but I would like to be recognized as a good stage performer and singer.


Keran-Tell us something about your first album “Mike”?

In my first solo album “Mike” there are songs which were composed along with the lyrics by me. In the album there are different types of songs such as folk national and sentimental etc.


Keran-What can we see from your music?

In my new album you will see many changes in my music In the near future, for example, some will be shufi songs, and some will be folks with pop. Also there will be many for my stage programs. In the album there is going to be twelve songs.


Keran-What changes you want to see in our Nepali musical scene?

I wish that we could stop the piracy. Also I would like to see more importance given to music and have it more appreciated. As well, I would like to see the law more firmly applied to music industry matters.


Keran-Currently what are you up too?

Currently I am involved in making my new album titled “Suchana” and then I am also doing social work for the organization named World Link sms tour. This especially involves working with illiterate and orphaned children and I donate 10% for them from every program of mine.


Keran-You are single. What qualities would you be looking for your life partner?

Yeah ‘till now I am single. I wish that my life partner be simple and hard working. It would be great if she were supportive of my musical career.


Keran-How would you like to spend your spare time, beside music?

Outside of music I like to spend my time doing social work.


Keran-Any last words to our viewers of bagaicha.com and your fans all around?

      First of all, I would like to thank my sis Keran Limbu for giving me this opportunity to share my feelings with the viewers of bagaicha.com Secondly I would like to request all my fans to love and support me and the Nepali music scene. And finally I would like to pray that God blesses all the bagaicha .com family.


Interview by Keran Limbu exclusively for bagaicha.com


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i was so glad to Bagaicha models and music, because i m interesting this site,
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