For the long run, one must have Quality and uniqueness as the definite components.. But, in the current scenario piracy has been playing a vital role in demoralising the uprising artists including the good talented ones.. Because of which, music is yet to become a mainstream profession in our country.. - Ashok Sen

Ashok Sen
Ashok Sen basically he is from Butwal but right now pursuing his musical career And studying film making in Katmandu, he is one of our nations rising star. Belong to a non-musical family, Though his family chooses him to become a doctor engineer or an army, but he choose Music Which he is very passionate about …His unique voice and music has made him quite popular amongst the youth…His onwards with keran limbu exclusively for

Keran-Why and how did you decided to become a singer? Do you have a musical family background?

 I don't think i ever decided that.. It just kind of happened with me while i was growing up.. Or I could say it was the glorious G n' R era in the late 80s that drew my attention deeply towards music.. They were everywhere while I was around 10 and growing up in Hong Kong.. They were on the walls, on TV, on the elder one's racks and singing tunes.. So there it was within me as well.. It never occurred to me that i study well and become a doctor/engineer or the army that my parents always wanted me to be.. Becoming one of them (A Rock star) had been the secret ultimate target of my life. And no no - no musical family background at all.. I'm like the only kind amongst the whole family circle so far

Keran-What is music to you? And what inspired you the most?

I don't have the definite words to describe it.. But its become the most integral part within me.. I carry my i-pod anywhere, everywhere and always.. Even the most basic routines aren’t complete without music in my ears.. Like if my I-pod's not ready - I'm not ready to use the toilet yet.. I'm so happy when I like a tune.. And since I'm a lyrics prioritizing listener - so many times it has happened to me that I've identified myself with it and have actually got out of some critical situations.. And on the creative side, it helps me express my feelings stuck within - to be heard.. So it can be said that music is like the emotional drive for me .. And I must say - I'm totally loving' it..! and talking' bout the inspiration, It was G n' R definitely,  'Knocking' on heaven's door' was the first song i ever sang correctly and the elders reaction was,’ Wow, he can really do it and he sings it with his heart on' .. And the rest just followed.. And here I am with an album of my own..!


Keran-What genre of music do you play?

Grunge/Alternative/Punk Rock .. When I completed school and had a guitar of my own, the thing called 'Grunge Revolution' was at its peak in the music world and it got me on their side as well .. And that definitely shows up in my own creations now ..!

Keran-Do people of Nepal know the genre of songs that you play alternative/punk rock?

US - the Yeah, they do but only few in the cities i guess.. But Nepali music world hasn't been broadly Genre Specific yet.. The Radios and national channels still apply the simple rule of their own; Music for the old-school people - Lok/Adhunik .. And all the rest falls into POP - the music which are meant for young and modern people around here.. So in this regard, Nepal music industry still has a long long way to go especially other kinds..!

Keran-Tell me something about your new album’ koshish’ was released recently, how was the response, are you satisfied with it?

Ummm, the album hasn't been officially released yet.. Me and the music company have decided to release it after the 2nd video gets done most probably within this coming January.. But, I've been doing some personal push-over myself.. And CDs have landed in HK as well.. Well, the video of the title song 'Koshish' is being air played on the channels here .. And responses are quite good.. So far so good i guess..!

Keran-Any memorable or special song close to your heart from your album ‘Koshish’?


Well, it has to be the 3rd track 'Thaakisakey' .. That song purely defines me at the moment.. And on the contrary, I wrote 'Koshish' to inspire/encourage myself and so to get myself out of this misery.. I just hope it works out for me and the listeners around..!

Keran-Being a new singer was it hard for you to find a company or sponsor

For your album?

Well, finding a music company wasn't that hard since they do almost nothing for the new artist around here.. And when we agree to cover the initial financial aspects - they're more than happy to have us.. Coz' they have nothing to loose but if the album does well its fruit for nothing for them.. That's how things go around here at the moment.. And yeah it was my family support that i pulled it off .. My brothers, sister and my parents - all contributed financially.. And definitely, it was lil' awkward to convince them at first but they all know i've been doing the stage thing for years now.. So it wasn't that hard to get the support for persuading my dream..!

Keran-What is your thought in new age music of Nepal?

Ummm, gradually things are changing.. We can see good growth in quality.. I must say new age music is doing a pretty good job in drawing young people's ears back into the nepali music in spite of letting all their attention to the bollywood or western music .. And there are still those proud moments when we get to listen the original Nepali tune incorporated

Keran-There is lots of new artist comes and goes what is the element they need to stay for long run?


For the long run, one must have Quality and uniqueness as the definite components.. But, in the current scenario piracy has been playing a vital role in demoralising the uprising artists including the good talented ones.. Because of which, music is yet to become a mainstream profession in our country.. There needs to be a strict implementation of the anti-piracy law in order to prosper aspiring artists to go for the long run around here..!

Keran-.Any current plan you are working in to recently, concert, new album etc?


Yeah I’m on stage every now and then in Kathmandu and Butwal .. Besides that, there are few lined up gigs for chitwan, palpa and pokhara in the coming months.. But the album promotion plan is kept aside for the moment till i get my 2nd video done..!

 Keran-Lets change the topic beside the singing career you run a rehab centre in   Butwal want to share few things about it?


Yeah that's very true.. But I'm not as much as involved in the past.. I've been based in Kathmandu since the last few years.. On top of that, I've been studying film-making and persuading my musical career side by side..!

Keran- Do you want to say few things about Drugs to our youth?

I've been there.. Done that.. Had my fatal moments.. It aren’t worth risking your life for..!


Keran-.Last what would you like to say to and the viewers of Hong Kong?

I thank Keran Di and the entire team of for providing me the platform to express myself.. Platforms like these could definitely push new ones like us towards the musical long run.. And to the viewers/listeners of the Hong Kong Nepali Community I'd like to say, 'Have some taste of Nepali Rock Music - It's well-cooked these days..!'

Interviewed by Keran Limbu for



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