Have faith in yourselves and keep that hope Alive coz everything will be fine some day. ani desh lai maya garna sikha - Adrian Pradhan

Adrian Pradhan
First of all I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my Viewers Merry X-mas and a Prosperous New Year 2010, this time I am featuring. Adrian Pradhan (1974AD) he is one of the well know figure in our music industries, He was born and raised in kalimpong, picked up his first instrument mouthorgan and keyboards in 1989,His first stage performance was in 1989,came to Nepal on 1994 at the age of 24 and never looked back. He is a full time musician and singing with one of the legendry band of Nepal 1974AD and managing his solo career as well. He has released his solo albums called Aaja, ballads & janani his on words with keran limbu exclusively for bagaicha.com

Keran-When and how did you guys decided to collaborate 1974Ad?

Adrian-The band started in 1994, the band took out an album "samjhi baschu" in 1998 and since then the band got into the music scene more seriously


Keran-Is it true that 1974 Ad is no more as a band?

     Adrian-The band is still rocking with Adrian, Manoj, Nirakar and Sanjay,

                 We will come to rock Hong Kong. Soon


Keran-1974Ad is the legendry band of Nepal and has given many memorable songs which song is the closet to the band?

 Adrian-The closest song to the band is, Sambodhan


Keran-, which were the bands first composition and the Album?

     Adrian-The first composition of the present band would be " samjhi baschu”.


Keran-Why did you decide to go solo?

     Adrian-I went solo to have a different identity and to experiment singing

     In a more     free manner rather than being a drummer and singer, wanted

     To try some different style of singing too, one more thing," to earn more

     Money " heheheheheheh coz that’s a fact and i don’t like to lie


Keran-Basically 1974 Ad used to play rock music, what genre music you play in solo?

     Adrian-My music would be more ballads or a fusion of rock and aadhunik pan.


Keran-The song “sambodhan” was it really wrote for late king Birendra Shah?

    Adrian-The song sambodhan was actually written by me for my late

    Music teacher” Mr Chandra Mohan Ghising from St Augustine’s Kalimpong

     But the band later decided to make the video for late King Birendra Shah.


Keran- One of your songs. If you want to dedicate to some one which one and who will it me?

     Adrian-The song i would like to sing for my fans, friends and families is "

    mutu   bhaari   bhaari" this song was made for them, u’ll find out if u go

     Through the lyrics carefully.


Keran-Since you came from kalimpong in 1994 till today are you satisfied with your success?

Adrian- I am the happiest man in this whole world I think, with millions of people loving me, hehehehehehehehe


Keran-What do you have to say about our current situation of Nepal and the political situation?

Adrian-Have faith in yourselves and keep that hope Alive coz everything will be fine some day. ani desh lai maya garna sikha


Keran-How many solo albums have you released apart from the band?

Adrian- Three albums


Keran-What are your recent achievement and your upcoming?

Adrian-We have been made the youth ambassador for save the children, doing east to west Nepal tour to promote primary education for the underprivileged children, working on our new album, and rocking like always.


Keran-You had been to Hong Kong many times, what do you have to say about this country and the Nepalese community of HK?

      Adrian-Three times, i really like the Chinese food in Jordan hehehehehe,

      And the ppl there are rocking, i mean they are very responsive in

      Concerts. which I like it very much.


Keran-.At last wants to share something to the viewers of Bagaicha.com and your fans of HK?

      Adrian- love you all and peace to all.


        Interviewed by Keran Limbu for www.bagaicha.com



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